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Year 7-9, it’s almost the end of your half-term holiday. Have you completed your Bedrock homework?


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Know her name 👇


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Although it’s very pretty, our garden at Yalding Healthy Living Centre is getting a little out of hand now! 🌿🌼🌻 Are there any keen in the area who might like to pop in and help us keep it tamed? 🌾🌺 Info:


Our staff during the hols! Ms Burgess has '150 Years Of Modern Art' by Will Gompertz. Mr Picton-Turbervill reads 'The Corrections' by Jonathan Franzen. Ms McFadden has 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini, and Ms Bailey, 'Girl, Woman, Other', Bernardine Evaristo


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Looking for something new to learn about on this sunny Bank Holiday? Check out the Lots of interesting articles on a range of topics are available!


to everyone in our community who has been celebrating!


Thanks for all you are doing too! Glad to have played a small part ❤️


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What a brilliant way to spend Day 5 of , distributing over 300 breakfast boxes to our community, thank you


Another lovely message from a HAB girl for . We're loving receiving them! Thank you so much :-)


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Pls RT. Aged 14+ join us tonight from 5pm for to discuss . We will be joined by our friends from - Please email / DM to register and we will send you details. Thank you


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Great work from Ella in Year 7! Ms Burgess was very impressed! Our Shakespearean Women unit has been really exciting and students have learned lots of key words like submissive, patriarchal and superior!


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From all of us to all of you, thank you. ❤️


Thank you to our wonderful HAB girls for all their messages, sent this week to mark


We're very of the amazing messages our girls are sending this week, to mark . This one from a Year 10 HAB girl...


A lovely message from a Year 10 HAB girl for


A week of messages, sent by our girls for . "I would like to thank Miss Swistun for always replying at lightening speed to my emails and helping me when I don't understand." Year 10 HAB girl


message from a Yr 9 student: "I would like to thank Ms Newell for helping me on my computing homework. You’ve helped me sooo much on Tynker and thanks to you I now understand more. You’ve been so much help and I appreciate the fact that you’ve take time to help me."


Our girls are sending messages this week, to say to someone in our community. "I would like to thank every single teacher at HAB! They have helped us even though we are at home by giving us a virtual school (including my violin lessons online)."


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That’s great Lily! So glad you are enjoying you book. Make sure to check out Ms Morris’s recommendations on the website when you’re finished!

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HAB@Home Gallery

This page features some of the excellent work being done by HAB girls while they are at home. You'll find some great blog posts on HAB Insight, our student blog, too.

Plus... click on the image below to download a Issue 6 of HAB@Home, our weekly community newsletter for students and parents.


Drama - Thesues and the Minotaur, by Nellija Year 7

"Well done to Nellija for her amazing script version of the Ancient Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur, which was set as part of the Year 7 Greek Theatre remote learning booklet in Drama. Although we won't be able to use the script practically this year, we will add it to the drama department's resources and use it next year when we do this scheme again with Year 7 next year. Thank you Nellija for this amazing creative work." Ms Elsden

Download the full script here or see an extract below.

Narrator: A long time ago in Greece, there was a queen and king- King Minos

Minos: (Stomps onto stage and crossed arms with an angry expression)

Narrator: And Queen Pasiquae

Pasiquae: (Walk onto stage elegantly and smiles)

Narrator: Queen Pasiquae fell in love with a bull and then had a baby. His name was the Minotaur.

Minotaur: (Stomps onto stage aggressivly with an angry expression and shows off his sharp teeth.)

Pasiquae: (Walks off stage)

Narrator: King Minos became embarrased so he hid the monster in the labyrinth.

Minos: (Pushes the Minotaur into the labyrinth) Hide away you monster!

Narrator: The labyrinth was such a complicated place that no one ever made it out of there alive. Either they got lost and starved to death or the Minotaur ate them!

(Citizens of Crete enter the labyrinth and look confused and scared. The Minotaur eats them, and they die.)

Continues... download the full script here.

Biology - "Amazing attitude to studies"

Ms Cowley writes: "I wanted to celebrate Samirah, Year 11, for all her fantastic additional work completed during this time. As a Year 11 student she is technically finished her GCSE now but has continued to submit further outstanding biology work. Very proud of her and what she will achieve with her amazing attitude to her studies."

Samirah 1

Issue 5 of HAB@Home, our weekly community newsletter for students and parents. Click on the image to view and download.



Issue 4 of our weekly community newsletters for students and parents. Click on the image to download a pdf. This page also features a gallery of some of the excellent work being completed by HAB girls at home.

HAB at home 4


Science notes - illustrated and accurate!

Emma in Year 8 has created these beautiful (and accurate) electronic science notes. Amazing!

Sciecne notes

Science notes 3

Issue 3 of our weekly community newsletters for students and parents. Click on the image to download a pdf. This page also features a gallery of some of the excellent work being completed by HAB girls at home.

Issue3 P1

Biology - Plant diseases

Zoe C again has sent us some fantastic work she has produced, all about plant diseases such as aphids, magnesium deficiency and nitrate defficiency, with some beautiful illustrations too.

Hab gallery 4

Ms Nicky's review of The Reason I Jump 

Ms Nicky has written the following review for the students of The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida. She's sharing her review here to encourage HAB girls to write and send in their own reviews too.

JumpIn this book Naoki Higashida, a thirteen-year-old Japanese boy, shares his experience of autism with the reader. Autism is a lifelong, developmental difference that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people. People with autism face challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. 

Naoki’s autism means he is nonverbal and cannot talk. However, with the help and support of his teachers and his own faith and persistence, he learned to spell out words directly onto an alphabet grid. Using this method, he has written poems and several books. Naoki wrote ‘The Reason I Jump’ because he wants his readers to imagine a life in which their ability to speak has been taken away.  

Through the book, Naoki explores who he is and why he is different from the other students. Using an easy to read question and answer format, Naoki explains why he shouts, repeats key phrases and does not follow instructions.  

Naoki tells the reader that he wants to talk to people and say, ‘thank you’ to those who help him but his mind ‘tends to go black whenever I try to speak’. He explains that his brain “has this habit of getting lost inside things’. Instead of replying to what people say to him, he blurts out phrases and sentences he remembers. He says it’s like hitting “a replay button I have no control over”.  

If you want to understand what autism is and how it affects people, you should read this book. My favourite quote: “Accepting who you are is a great starting place to discovering what you’re capable of doing".

Unequal access to vaccines - essay by Sabrina, Year 10

"We wanted to let you read this essay by Sabrina, Year 10, as she writes really well about vaccines inequality," says Ms Cavia.

Vaccines are an essential part to eradicating and preventing diseases, however globally not everyone may have access to vaccines, especially those who are in a country of conflict. Download full essay.

The importance of citizenship

Citizenship 1038x576Read this article by Michelle, Year 10, on the importance of citizenship. First published in HAB-Insight, our student blog.

"What do you do if you’re a new immigrant and want to settle in the UK? What if you have a problem you can’t solve? If someone discriminates against you, should you be silent? 

"This is how citizenship comes into play. With the understanding of citizenship, you will have the ability to stand out in society. Citizenship regains your confidence and it allows you to fight for your rights. It gives people the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with the democratic society including politics, media, civil society, the economy and the law." Read more.

Sakina's workout reviews

We asked a few students who had completed all their lessons for PE before the Easter break to review a few fitness sessions and their suitability for Year 7 and 8 students. Sakina, Year 8, has done a reflective and insightful review of four workouts which are designed to be fun to do, including with younger siblings. Thanks Sakina!

What was your preferred workout? My preferred workout was Jumpin Jax, because the instructions were clear and concise, the exercises were fun to do with my brother, hence we both enjoyed it! I felt good and refreshed after the workout was completed because we kept going and making the most of it, whilst taking drinking breaks regularly. I would be happy to do this again and I enjoyed the length of time this gave, similar to the daily 30-minutes Joe Wickes Body Coach workouts.

Did you feel the workouts raised your heart rate for a sustained period whilst also working for different muscle groups? The Jumpin Jax workout was one of the longest, although effective as it brought my heart rate up for most exercises on the floor and abdomen related activities. As this was a kids workout, I tried it with my six-year-old brother and it really turned out well and he commented that it was fun to do (pausing three times in the video to have a drinking break, as helpfully indicated in the video).

Nate Bowers fitness with kids raised my heartrates at some moments like squats but wasn't as effective as the previous workout. In my opinion, it would be efficient for children but teens my age may want something more active.

The Joe Wickes Blue Peter workout didn't raise my heartbeat as much as the other workouts. This reminds me of primary school P.E sessions and is fit for kids as for its simplicity of exercises.

This PopSugar workout definitely raised my heart rate, especially when the leg exercises came in, stretching my quadriceps and hamstrings. One of the shortest although active and really pushed me to the limits.

Overall, this was Sakina's favourite workout. Why not try it yourself?!

Issue 2 of our weekly community newsletters for students and parents. Click on the image to download a pdf.

HAB@Home image 2

Act 2: "Elizabeth is cautious about showing any emotion"

Ida, Year 10, has been making some brilliant Crucible character analysis grids focusing on vocal and physical skills.


“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay, to mould me man?"

Brilliant GCSE English Literature work by Ibtisam, Year 10.Great use of illustration to support her thematic understanding of the themes of Frankenstein.




Spanish - writing about school life

"Here are some brilliant Spanish pieces of extended writing that my Year 9 students have written about their school life." Ms Valentin Lucas. 



VacinationWhy is it important to vaccinate against some diseases?

Taiwo, Year 10, completed this excellent work for her Biology lesson. Well done to Taiwo for her great style, accurate facts and proper use of scientific terminology. Read Taiwo's biology work.

Treating, curing and preventing disease

"Livia, Year 10, has made notes from a link I sent the class, answered exam questions which I sent the class, and then marked her work the following lesson, when mark schemes were sent out." Mrs Adomako. Great work, Livia!



Download issue 1 of HAB@Home - click on the image