🔬📷 Don't forget! STEAM 2024 Open Evening on March 7th, 5-7pm! Join us as Year 5 & 6 pupils team up with Year 7 girls for hands-on Science, Arts, & STEM activities. Witness heart dissections & explore STEM Club showcases. Register HERE!


HAB6 at Harris City Academy celebrating International Women’s Day. Empowering the leaders of tomorrow. ‘Be Audacious’ 💕


Get ready to celebrate World Book Day with HAB on Thursday 7th March - which book inspired character will you be?


Exciting news! Our students shine in the UKMT Maths Challenge, with remarkable achievements including Silver and Bronze Certificates. Congratulations to all participants! Let's celebrate Math Month together! 🎉📐


🔬🎨 Don't forget! STEAM 2024 Open Evening on March 7th, 5-7pm! Join us as Year 5 & 6 pupils team up with Year 7 girls for hands-on Science, Arts, & STEM activities. Witness heart dissections & explore STEM Club showcases. Register HERE!


Students had an out-of-this-world experience as they welcomed the National Space Academy for thrilling workshops ahead of British Science Week! 🌟 From building hydrogen fuel rockets to exploring lunar travel, they embraced the wonders of space and STEM careers.


HAB Orchestra together with & others at the QEH Southwark music's Orchestra Playing Day!! Looking forward to the concert later


Jack Petchey Regional Finals Speak Out Challenge at HAB: 16 students, including last year's winner Radiyat Omotayo, delivered heartfelt speeches. While not victorious, the event left everyone inspired. Details:


Join us at HAB for the STEAM 2024 Open Evening, designed for Year 5 & 6 pupils and their families, aiding their transition to secondary school. Engage in hands-on Science & Arts activities. Thur, Mar 7, 5-7pm. Register:


Honoured to be hosts to this event this evening!



HAB students explored the British Museum's China gallery, delving into rich layers of Chinese history and art culture. A captivating learning experience that broadened horizons and deepened understanding.


Photography club students create their first canvas; from taking the image to printing it and even fixing it on the frame to hang up at home :)


Exploring Pembroke College in Cambridge after a chilly walk, we delved into an inspiring Law workshop. Ambassadors guided us through,answering questions, and treated us to a College tour.Huge thanks to Into University for organising a fantastic and insightful day!


🌟 Reminder: Our Academy Uniform Bank offers free school uniforms, PE kits, and shoes to support families. Kindly consider donating or contact for assistance. Let's continue helping our community thrive! 🤝


Harris Academy Bermondsey Admission Consultation, share your views by the 25th January. The full draft admissions arrangements for 2025/2026 can be found on our website:


Embrace the new chapter of 2024 with open minds and eager hearts as we embark on a journey of knowledge and growth. We believe that reading is the key to unlocking the doors of understanding and imagination.📚 Happy reading, and may this year be filled with endless discoveries!


Couldn’t be more proud of our HAB dancers who absolutely shut down the stage last night! The energy from the audience was incredible. What a way to end the year!


Our HAB6 students are having a fabulous time exploring Amsterdam!


Our second day working, alongside , with Harris Academy schools in London. Today we’re based and our day began with DPhil student Emma Slater looking at literary theory.

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"My Name Is Mabel And I Am The HAB Therapy Dog"

Mabel Dog 1Hello, I'm Mabel and I am the HAB therapy dog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born on the 5th of July 2020. My mum is a black Labrador, and my dad is a miniature red Poodle.                         

I am hypoallergenic which means that I have a very very low risk of causing any allergies to anyone. My coat is low shedding so you will not see a trail of my hair wherever I have been.

I am also a soft breed – this means that I am very calm, patient and kind. My vet has done a temperament assessment on me and confirmed this!

Both my owner (Mrs Landman) and I have completed therapy dog training. We have also ensured that all the necessary risk assessments are done so that it is safe for everyone when I am school.

I am here to support you with your mental health and well-being. I am also very good at sitting quietly and listening to you read to me and when you are feeling anxious or stressed, I will happily sit with you until you feel calm again.

Mabel Dog 2Although I am super cute, I understand that some of you will not be comfortable near me. I completely get that. If you simply ignore me, I will know not to pay you any attention. Likewise, if you would like to learn to be comfortable around dogs, just tell us and we can support you with that.

Please do not feed me any treats other than the ones Mrs Landman gives you. I am not clever enough to know what not to eat and things like raisins and chocolate are poisonous for me.

It will really help me a lot too if you keep the school clean and tidy – please do not drop any litter! I would be really tempted sniff at it and try to eat it.

I am usually in for no more than four days a week (I need my rest too!). you will know if I am in from the sign in reception and outside Mrs Landman’s office.

I really look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you!