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What a fantastic sports day to wrap up the summer term at HAB! 🏅☀️ From thrilling races to nail-biting matches, our students showcased incredible talent and teamwork. Kudos to everyone who participated and made it a day to remember! 🎉


Year 9 students visited The National Gallery on 17th July, exploring renowned artworks and expanding their vocabulary. They discussed "The Execution of Lady Jane Grey" and Hogarth's "Marriage A-la-Mode," enhancing their appreciation of art.


Year 9 students visited South London Gallery and participated in a workshop, creating collages inspired by the idea of 'utopia'.


Good luck to our Yr 10 students in the Motivez 'Sustainable Southwark' competition at UCL! Join us at 5pm Wednesday to support them in winning the cash prize and TfL work experience. Promoting STEM careers and sustainability! RSVP:


Celebrating Diversity 🎉Our Culture Day at HAB last week was a fabulous celebration of our diverse community, proudly presented by our school. Click the link below to read more about the day 👇🏽


Only 1 Day Left! 🎟️Get your tickets from Ms. Morris in the Library. Don't miss out on this exciting event!


HAB Summer Music Concert Shines with Spectacular Success. Huge thanks to all performers and 6th formers back stage, for making the HAB Summer Music Concert such a great experience. Your talent and hard work made the night unforgettable. Photos by Vidhi HAB6.


Welcome Class of 2031: Your New Journey Begins!#Year6Transition


Our Year 7 mathematicians excelled in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge! Half earned Bronze & Silver certificates. Hana & Zoe stood out with Silver & "Best in School" titles. Congrats to all participants! Their dedication inspires us. We're so proud!


Cricket, Chinese culture, Hot & Cold Chemistry – it has been brilliant hosting Year 5 classes from primary schools.Workshops in drama, dance, art, singing, FT & DT have given the pupils a taste of secondary school 🎉#Year6Transition


To our Year 11's & 13's...Wishing the very best of futuresFarewell as you head for your amazing adventures!Congratulations on your Graduation.#ProudToBeHAB


Excited to share that Chloe in year 10, won 2nd place in The Jack Petchey cartoon competition! “My artwork, titled "Be the Person Who You Want to Be," celebrates self-confidence and staying true to yourself. Never change for anyone else!” 💫#Art


Here at HAB, we proudly celebrate our students' achievements and positive behaviours! 👏 Our HABit Credits reward politeness, respect, compassion, and dedication. Students can redeem credits for books, stationery, and toiletries. Keep up the great work, HAB students! 🙌


Why is reading important to me? 📚Amina values the joy of reading as it enhances her skills. She will always choose books over screens.


Reader Leader students are working through their Racial Literacy booklet to explore various types of racism. They learn new terms and discuss scenarios to better identify interpersonal racism, internalized racism, colorism, microaggressions, and institutional racism. 📚


We are proud to be one of the 16 Southwark schools raising concerns about smartphone usage and its negative impact on students. Learn more 👇🏼


Year 7 & 8 students saw ‘Deadly Distraction’ by The Riot Act at HAB, sponsored by Southwark Council to promote road safety. 🚲 The Q&A session highlighted dangers of roadside distractions and peer pressure, promoting safe behavior on their home-to-school journey.


First steps towards bigger change in supporting the mental health and well-being of our students.


🎨 Y9 Art students had a blast at the Dulwich Picture Gallery! They explored masterpieces and created their own works of art. An unforgettable, inspiring day! 🖌️✨


Reader Leader 📚 is a peer mentoring project which sees older students read with younger students during tutor time. The scheme helps younger students to develop their reading skills and gives older students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills too.

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"My Name Is Mabel And I Am The HAB Therapy Dog"

Mabel Dog 1Hello, I'm Mabel and I am the HAB therapy dog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born on the 5th of July 2020. My mum is a black Labrador, and my dad is a miniature red Poodle.                         

I am hypoallergenic which means that I have a very very low risk of causing any allergies to anyone. My coat is low shedding so you will not see a trail of my hair wherever I have been.

I am also a soft breed – this means that I am very calm, patient and kind. My vet has done a temperament assessment on me and confirmed this!

Both my owner (Mrs Landman) and I have completed therapy dog training. We have also ensured that all the necessary risk assessments are done so that it is safe for everyone when I am school.

I am here to support you with your mental health and well-being. I am also very good at sitting quietly and listening to you read to me and when you are feeling anxious or stressed, I will happily sit with you until you feel calm again.

Mabel Dog 2Although I am super cute, I understand that some of you will not be comfortable near me. I completely get that. If you simply ignore me, I will know not to pay you any attention. Likewise, if you would like to learn to be comfortable around dogs, just tell us and we can support you with that.

Please do not feed me any treats other than the ones Mrs Landman gives you. I am not clever enough to know what not to eat and things like raisins and chocolate are poisonous for me.

It will really help me a lot too if you keep the school clean and tidy – please do not drop any litter! I would be really tempted sniff at it and try to eat it.

I am usually in for no more than four days a week (I need my rest too!). you will know if I am in from the sign in reception and outside Mrs Landman’s office.

I really look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you!