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Excited to share that Chloe in year 10, won 2nd place in The Jack Petchey cartoon competition! “My artwork, titled "Be the Person Who You Want to Be," celebrates self-confidence and staying true to yourself. Never change for anyone else!” 💫#Art


Here at HAB, we proudly celebrate our students' achievements and positive behaviours! 👏 Our HABit Credits reward politeness, respect, compassion, and dedication. Students can redeem credits for books, stationery, and toiletries. Keep up the great work, HAB students! 🙌


Why is reading important to me? 📚Amina values the joy of reading as it enhances her skills. She will always choose books over screens.


Reader Leader students are working through their Racial Literacy booklet to explore various types of racism. They learn new terms and discuss scenarios to better identify interpersonal racism, internalized racism, colorism, microaggressions, and institutional racism. 📚


We are proud to be one of the 16 Southwark schools raising concerns about smartphone usage and its negative impact on students. Learn more 👇🏼


Year 7 & 8 students saw ‘Deadly Distraction’ by The Riot Act at HAB, sponsored by Southwark Council to promote road safety. 🚲 The Q&A session highlighted dangers of roadside distractions and peer pressure, promoting safe behavior on their home-to-school journey.


First steps towards bigger change in supporting the mental health and well-being of our students.


🎨 Y9 Art students had a blast at the Dulwich Picture Gallery! They explored masterpieces and created their own works of art. An unforgettable, inspiring day! 🖌️✨


Reader Leader 📚 is a peer mentoring project which sees older students read with younger students during tutor time. The scheme helps younger students to develop their reading skills and gives older students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills too.


WE'RE HIRING 🧬🧪Join our supportive Science Department as a Teacher of Physics and/or Chemistry! Teach Years 7-13, with a focus on specialisms at KS4/KS5. Enjoy dedicated PPA time, tailored CPD, and a collaborative environment. Apply now:




If you are interested in the terrible impact on children and families living long-term in unsuitable temporary accommodation, listen to this podcast - thank you to the parents who shared their stories


Year 9 were lucky enough to receive an assembly and take part in a workshop with award-winning author Dean Atta, whose poetry they are currently studying during their English lessons.


Year 5 or 6 open events 2024, find out how we can help your child and see for yourselves the difference that we could make to their future.Register here


Grateful to Alishea, our dedicated Year 11 careers adviser, whose unwavering presence every Thursday offers invaluable guidance, information, and counsel to our students as they navigate their future paths


Harris Academy, Bermondsey shines in SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards 2023!Exceptional Student Progress.#Ambition


Harris Academy, Bermondsey shines in SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards 2023! Exceptional Student Attainment.#Ambition



Congratulations to Cybella for winning 'standout soloist' at the Mundovision final! Her performance in languages other than English was outstanding and showcased her incredible talent as a professional performer. Well done! 🎶🌟

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Assessment Calendar

Students will complete assessments during the year and reports will be sent home to parents and carers or handed out at parents' evenings. Details of the assessment schedule for each year group, and also parents' evening dates, can be found in the school calendar.

Progression model

Student knowledge is coherently and logically sequenced in the curriculum so that it can develop incrementally over time. Student work - as seen in lesson observations, workbooks, practicals and summative assessments - should demonstrate efficient and meaningful acquisition of knowledge.

Our approach to assessment and feedback is designed to support the progression model by: 

  • Providing relevant, clear and helpful information about the current skills and knowledge of the learners 
  • Providing students with regular opportunities to recall and practise previously learned skills and knowledge 
  • Providing opportunities for misconceptions to be addressed so that students overcome these in future work.

What will be reported to parents/carers?

Reports will be sent out twice a year and will contain students mark for their assessment and an ACR score.

The ACR sore will outline from 1-3 how well a student is meeting our HAB values of Ambition, Compassion and Respect and will measure effort alongside attainment to inform parents of their daughters’ overall progress. 


ACR scores: 

3: Almost always demonstrates these behaviours and value
2: Often demonstrates these behaviours and value
1: Rarely demonstrates these behaviours and value

Assessment calendars and revision lists

Year 7 assessments - May 2024

Year 8 assessments - June 2024

Year 10 assessments - June 2024

How to Revise

Preparing for exams is a big task. You need to revisit all the learning from across your course of study and ensure that you can bring it to mind, unaided, under the pressure of exam conditions. There’s no way to make the exams easy, but you can take the pressure off if you’ve done your revision right. 

The Basics  

  • Limit distractions.  
  • Create and use a revision plan.  
  • Find a nice quiet space to revise in.  
  • Set an alarm and start early!  
  • Revise. Repeat. Remember.  
  • Make sure you eat, sleep and take time out.  
  • Stay positive.  

Top Tips to Help you Revise

Click here or scan the QR code to access some great tips on how to revise on Youtube:  

Screenshot 2024 04 30 at 12.57.39

Revision Timetable

Organisation is key to your success at your exams. It will make revision much easier if you have a set out time for revising each subject. Use the half-term holidays to plan your revision, making sure you do a spread of subjects.  

Here are some important points to remember when planning your revision.

  • Be realistic and plan time away from your work to avoid burn-out!
  • Be focused: 20 minutes working followed by 10 minutes rest is a good starting point.
  • Leave your phone turned off/on silent in a different room whilst you are revising.
  • In every hour, only work for 50 minutes at a time and take a break away from your revision.
  • Planning helps you to balance your time so that you don’t spend all your time revising one subject.
  • If you share your revision plan with friends or family then you are more likely to stick to it.
  • Make sure you give yourself breaks to allow time to relax and do the things you want to do and enjoy doing. 

Revision Tools

There are lots of ways to revise out there and finding one that suits you can be hard. You might find that different subjects require a different way to revise, but that’s good. Changing the way you revise can keep it interesting and accessible. Below are some suggestions you can try out to see what you like the best. 

Screenshot 2024 04 30 at 12.50.49