Girls marked Eid with a special event on 6th May. They learned about the origins and significance of henna, got the chance to watch henna artists at work, and have a go themselves too. We also raised money for .


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Our arrived at today! Excited and ready to represent Niger this weekend!!!


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Our presenting their committees' resolution papers at the final General Assembly of conference. Well done for your eloquent speeches! We are so proud for your significant contributions and outstanding performance!


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thank you for inviting me to facilitate a workshop on my artistic practice and mental health journey; the experience was truly cathartic. ~what a fantastic group of young women. excited for next week… 🎨👀✨


A big thank you to tutors and HAB teachers for taking Year 8 students for a fascinating experience trip to Christ's College Cambridge. Students were able to complete a mini–Model United Nation conference and enjoy a tour of the college.


"Seeing a play in person gives you a whole new view of the production." Read an article by Jahnaey, Year 9, on our school trip to see 'Wicked'.


Summer Opportunities For Year 11 HAB Girls With NCS. Read a letter to parents from NCS, who are working with HAB to create summer experiences for our Year 11 students. Find out more


Congratulations to Najma for winning the "Outstanding Delegate" Award, and Amina for winning the "Honourable Commendation" at this weekend's Model United Nations conference. All HAB students demonstrated the HAB ethos throughout the conference. Full story


Well done to our Year 12 delegates for attending the Youth Model United Nations London conference this weekend. The conference focused on several global issues, with girls representing different countries and debating and finalising resolutions. Full story


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Super excited to meet the next generation of at our STEAM 2022 Welcome Evening on Thursday 🧪 📡 🛠🎨🎲 Year 5 are most welcome too ☺


Spot our yr11 GCSE Music students who were invited to take part in this wonderful event!


Very important business to discuss as our Student Government introduce themselves to Lord Harris. Our elected students discussed with Lord Harris the motivation and purpose behind our new HAB student government.


We celebrated with events around the school to raise awareness and start conversations around this year's theme of . Full report and lots more pics at


Year 12s complete their peer mentoring training with Kidscape trainer Danny Dalton, and are ready to begin their mentoring journey at HAB, listening and supporting fellow pupils.


“The National Junior Indoor Championship made me challenge myself to go above and beyond," Deborah, Year 9. Thanks to for their support! Full story


Any guesses who's dressed up as Jurassic Park for ? Clue: it's Dr Hay


We've got some special guests in school today for including Cruella de Vil, Macbeth, Mary Poppins, the Queen of Hearts, a host of Shakespearean and Manga characters and even a Cheshire Cat. All getting on famously and


Our student government in action. Find out more about our first student parliament and meet our MPs at


Our Year 7 lunch time crew in action. Tilly from Year 7 is the teacher.

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Posted on December 14th 2021

Author and Historian Blair Imani Inspires HAB Girls

Kandia, Year 12, reports on an inspiring visit to Harris Academy Bermondsey by author and historian Blair Imani. 

Blair Imani is an author and a historian. Previously, she used the title 'activist', but she explained that her current line of work is less oriented towards activism and more so towards education.

She identifies as black, bisexual, queer, and Muslim. Due to her position at an intersection of several communities Blair centres her work primarily around illuminating the stories of marginalised identities.


She also creates a series of videos on Instagram called 'Smarter in Seconds', geared towards educating viewers about internet safety, cultural appropriation, gender identity and much more in quick, fun, colourful and digestible videos.

While on her visit at HAB, Blair spoke to students in Year 12 and Year 10. Her presentations detailed the importance of intersectionality – a term coined by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw in 1989 about how aspects of a person’s identity means  that a person can be privileged and oppressed at the same time. For example, a gay black man in our society would be marginalised due to is gayness and blackness. However, he will still benefit from male privilege.

Blair Imani spoke about the importance of intersectionality when addressing social issues – it is vital to recognise different forms of discrimination and privilege as well as their effect on a population.

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Alongside her enriching talks with students, Blair Imani gifted ten copies of both Read This To Get Smarter and Modern HERstory. In Read This To Get Smarter, Imani examines ‘race, class, gender, disability and more’ and encourages the reader to expand their social consciousness and knowledge to become a well-informed individual.

With Modern HERstory, Blair Imani celebrates the legacies of 70 women, girls and non-binary people who have shaped the world. These books are currently available at the HAB library!

The students at HAB described Blair’s talk as amazing and inspiring.  One student took to social media and wrote, "I never believed there were black LGBTQ+ people who strutted freely and confidently as you. Your confidence gives me hope."

We cannot wait to see Blair again! 

Kandia, Year 12

I never believed there were black LGBTQ+ people who strutted freely and confidently as you. Your confidence gives me hope."