Today was the dress rehearsal for our production of Annie Jr, which opens tomorrow!


The sun will most definitely be out when Annie Jr, our school production, takes to the stage tomorrow.


HAB runs a mini Model United Nations conference, with members of our debating team and HAB student government experiencing what is like to be a delegate of the UN! More at


HAB students had an amazing time at the and literacy and business immersion day today.


'Words For Work: Women In Leadership' programme helps girls develop the literacy skills, leadership abilities and confidence they need to achieve their potential. Great project! Thank you and for organising. Read more at


Come to our Year 5 open mornings 21st and 28th June and 5th July, 10am. Our staff and students look forward to welcoming you! Full details at


Year 8 develop their skills through the 'Young City Poets' project run with . Girls visited St Paul's and used their experience to inspire fantastic poetry. Read two of the poems and find out more at


Year 9 girls from our after-school club performed at an inter-school sharing event run by the Royal Academy of Dance in April. They worked exceptionally hard preparing for the performance and performed beautifully. Read more


Girls marked Eid with a special event on 6th May. They learned about the origins and significance of henna, got the chance to watch henna artists at work, and have a go themselves too. We also raised money for .


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Our arrived at today! Excited and ready to represent Niger this weekend!!!


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Our presenting their committees' resolution papers at the final General Assembly of conference. Well done for your eloquent speeches! We are so proud for your significant contributions and outstanding performance!


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thank you for inviting me to facilitate a workshop on my artistic practice and mental health journey; the experience was truly cathartic. ~what a fantastic group of young women. excited for next week… 🎨👀✨


A big thank you to tutors and HAB teachers for taking Year 8 students for a fascinating experience trip to Christ's College Cambridge. Students were able to complete a mini–Model United Nation conference and enjoy a tour of the college.


"Seeing a play in person gives you a whole new view of the production." Read an article by Jahnaey, Year 9, on our school trip to see 'Wicked'.


Summer Opportunities For Year 11 HAB Girls With NCS. Read a letter to parents from NCS, who are working with HAB to create summer experiences for our Year 11 students. Find out more


Congratulations to Najma for winning the "Outstanding Delegate" Award, and Amina for winning the "Honourable Commendation" at this weekend's Model United Nations conference. All HAB students demonstrated the HAB ethos throughout the conference. Full story


Well done to our Year 12 delegates for attending the Youth Model United Nations London conference this weekend. The conference focused on several global issues, with girls representing different countries and debating and finalising resolutions. Full story


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Super excited to meet the next generation of at our STEAM 2022 Welcome Evening on Thursday 🧪 📡 🛠🎨🎲 Year 5 are most welcome too ☺


Spot our yr11 GCSE Music students who were invited to take part in this wonderful event!


Very important business to discuss as our Student Government introduce themselves to Lord Harris. Our elected students discussed with Lord Harris the motivation and purpose behind our new HAB student government.

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Posted on December 6th 2021

British Antarctic Survey Visits HAB

Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey came and spoke to us recently about their work on climate in Antarctica.

The guests spoke in depth about their jobs as part of the British Antarctic Survey, the national polar research institute. The British Antarctic Survey has two purposes: they conduct polar science to help us better understand global issues, like the melting polar ice caps, and they provide an active presence in the Antarctic on behalf of the UK. 

Nora, Year 9, writes... 

We entered the room and found areas to sit. The speakers began to introduce themselves and explain the details of their job. They both worked in Antarctica. However, one of them studied satellite data and the other studied ice cores

They spoke to us about their jobs and how they got into them. After, some people asked questions and the scientists brought out the clothing usually worn by researchers in Antarctica. Some people, including me, were able to try on the clothing. I got to wear the coat and it was extremely large and warm. After that, we explored different clothing and equipment used by the scientists.

British Antarctic Survey (3)

Kai, Year 9, writes...

The workshop was extremely interesting and educational! I enjoyed learning about the satellite data and history of the ice cores. On top of that, watching people put on clothing baffled me. There were so many layers, and the coat was very puffy and large, and they had very heavy and thick boots. 

Overall my favourite part was finding out that the largest land animal was in fact a small bug! In conclusion the experience was very exciting and we enjoyed it very much! 

British Antarctic Survey (6)

It was very educational and fun to watch. One of the best experiences I've had at HAB.” Shayma, Year 9

British Antarctic Survey (1)