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Retweetd From Bobby Miltiadous

Well done to all girls, enjoyed taking them through the programme 🥇👏🏼🥊


Year 10 students have had six weeks of non-contact sessions delivered by a GB boxing coach during lessons. All 27 students passed their assessment today achieving the Preliminary Award. Well done girls!


HAB Rowers take to the water... "The instructors were very helpful and they taught us how to be more patient and resilient. We felt that this opportunity helped develop our as well as our skills." HAB Breaking Barriers Rowing Team


Retweetd From Jenny Cooper

begin their first session with , "feeling much more confident around water now!"


Retweetd From Allies and Morrison

Our latest studio exhibition ‘Into the Wild’ opens this Friday 18th May featuring works from students at and , in collaboration with :


These and other photographs by our girls are on display at in until Saturday. Thanks to everyone for making this great event possible. We're really of you all! Full story at


Retweetd From Jennifer Crouch

Really proud of year 10 art! their exhibition is open all well! Go go go! It's at


Thank you Nadia, and to everyone at PwC for the great workshop yesterday. Our girls really enjoyed it!


Retweetd From Nadia Abena Mensah

Had an amazing time speaking on employability skills with the team at yesterday for . The students were an absolute pleasure to work with!


Retweetd From Geogra-FREE

Amazing photos from Year 10 girls at . So impressed and inspired by their ability to express the muses behind peices.


Retweetd From HAB FEMSOC

Members of HabFemSoc selling merch on Friday


Retweetd From Leonora Saunders

And the tuck shop is now open for business... following on from the phenomenal supperclub the race is on to reach £1000, all proceeds to working to stop domestic abuse and make families safe.


Retweetd From Lyndsay Harris

Fantastic to be one of the 12 London Schools participating in City Hall City Pitch today!


Retweetd From HABSTEM

Year7 are working hard with this term. They are making to learn how to program before they start to create their own. Looking forward to seeing their


Retweetd From Lyndsay Harris

HABFemSoc are excited for their final bake and merchandise sale tomorrow of the year! Excellent production lines in progress


Retweetd From HAB Enrichment

Year 9 students presenting their invention as part of a Careers in Focus workshop on User Experience


Girls build dens and sketch nature , inspired by the work of artist David Milne, who lived for months at a time in the wilderness of . . Read more See Milne's art at until May 7


Retweetd From NR

Harris Academy Bermondsey hosted its first ever Teaching & Learning Marketplace today. All our teachers had the opportunity to network & take away amazing T&L ideas from our outstanding faculties. HAB’s SEND stall was busy!


Retweetd From Sarah Harvey

Great afternoon spent at our first today at . Fantastic to see, hear, gather and share approaches that are working in each department

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Posted on June 6th 2017

What a Library Means to Our Girls

Reader Leader02Our girls have been coming to special library lessons designed to encourage them to borrow books and inspire reading.

During the lesson, students read extracts by poet Maya Angelou and writer Caitlin Moran about the crucial roles libraries have played in their lives. The girls then used skills they’ve developed in English lessons, such as language analysis, inference and social context, to delve deeper into the texts.

“A rainbow in the clouds”

Angelou writes about how being taken to a library transformed her life after she become a ‘volunteer mute’ – refusing to speak for six years after being abused as a child.

Her love of books gave her the confidence to speak again, she said. "Look at that — look at that! That’s a library — a library is a rainbow in the clouds. And a black lady … knew I wasn’t speaking — I refused to speak — for six years I was a volunteer mute. She took me to the library."

Moran, who was home-schooled as a child, also depended on the local library for her education. "A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival," she writes. "They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination."

Our girls in Year 10 were especially passionate Moran’s quote: "But a library is where the wealthy’s taxes pay for you to become a little more extraordinary. A satisfying reversal. A balancing of the power."

Encouraging reading

After exploring the work of these fabulous female authors, students took the time to borrow a book/s of their choice.

“The sessions help our girls understand the importance of reading and remind them that the library is here for them to use," says Amy Morris, Head of Learning Innovation. “We hope that the sessions will encourage reluctant readers to pick up a book,” adds Ms Morris. “One girl in Year 9, Amira, now visits the Library on a weekly basis, for example, to get a new book because she has finally found the right series of books for her.”

By the end of this term every student in years 7-10 will have completed the lesson.

"Miss, please save this book for me! I can’t wait to read it!"

After the session, girls in Ms McFadden’s class said they believed that the ability to read and free access to books and information would give them everything they need to achieve in this world. Here's just a selection of other comments from our girls following the lesson.

  • ‘I can’t believe books helped Maya Angelou overcome her problems.’
  • ‘Reading can take you anywhere you want in life.’
  • ‘I wish I could borrow more books.’
  • ‘Miss, please save this book for me! I can’t wait to read it!’