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Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

this would tie in really nicely with the excellent CPD that has been giving to us all!


Calling parents/carers... the next Friends of HAB meeting is on Thurs 5 March, 5.30pm (please note this is a change of date). Come along if you can! Find out more about Friends of HAB


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Bath bombs made by ks3 science club 🛀 it smells like Lush in the classroom now!


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An inspiring quote from the staff briefing this morning at !!!👌😊 "There is no magic to achievement. It's really about hard work, choices, and persistence!"


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I'm *really* looking forward to this; and very flattered to be sharing a platform with such a brilliant line-up. Thanks to for organising, I'm sure I'll learn *so* much & excited to meet everyone!


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Proud to be a member of team!! ❤❤❤ Always feeling the great support and safe working environment!


of the brilliant teacher you are as part of ❤️


of our very own 🙌 speaking at - don’t miss him!


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Absolute legend . Hopefully you will never run out of coffees now. When you use these excellent resources, make sure that you "Buy him a Coffee"


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n/n Alternatively, if you're an avid user of my resources, I added a "buy me a coffee" tab as another way to show gratitude. I'm overwhelmed by the support twitter has already shown & immensely grateful for the coffees so far!


of the our students have demonstrated through voluntary service.


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Ks3 and red cabbage now, super learning!


Wishing students, staff and families a lovely half term break!


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loving sharing some ideas w Chemistry Teachers


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What’s happening? Literacy in Science, that’s what!


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..and a feeding frenzy! Evolution in action!

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Posted on January 27th 2020

Young Poets Perform at Tower of London

Last week, Ms Bailey’s Year 8 English class went to the Tower of London as part of the Young City Poets Project.

This annual project, arranged and funded by The National Literacy Trust, gives pupils the opportunity to visit famous cultural venues in their city, using the visits to inspire poetry. This is HAB’s third year taking part in the fabulous creative writing project.


Before a special poetry workshop, the girls toured a luxurious royal bedroom and a sinister prison that held potential traitors of the British monarchy.

As part of their tour, the girls were lucky enough to see the Crown Jewels up close and personal. The Head of Security, Gareth, whose job it is to look after the Crown Jewels, arranged for the HAB girls to peruse the priceless jewels at their own pace. The class could not get enough of the Crown Jewels and would have spent the whole day revolving round on the moving walkway if they did not have to get back to the all-important act of writing their poems!


Koh-i-Nur diamond

During their time at the Tower, the girls learnt about the history of the breath-taking Koh-i-Nur diamond that can be found set into the Queen Mother’s Crown. It is the bloody history of this magnificent diamond that was the inspiration for the poetry workshop that followed. During the workshop our girls wrote some outstanding poetry (see below) exploring the beauty of the diamond and the difficult history of British imperialism that surrounds it.


The students wrote their poems into their very own poetry note books that were gifted to them by the National Literacy Trust. The gasps of surprise and delight were audible when we presented the girls with their stylish notebooks.

At the end of the visit, students performed their outstanding work for the tourists who were leaving the room that contains the Crown Jewels. The girls’ words helped the audience to see the Crown Jewels in a new light.


What students said...

  • "I  felt a bit shy when I was performing my poem to the public but I’m real proud of myself for being so brave!" Andriele
  • "I learnt so much fun information on our trips. The Tower of London is full of stories about death and murder." Lea
  • "I really enjoyed seeing the Crown Jewels especially now I know that they are  REAL!" Aliyay
  • "The diamonds were so inspiring. I’d love to have one the size of the Koh-i-Nur." Susan
  • "It was really interesting to find out the history behind the diamonds. The Crown Jewels really are magnificent!" Isabella
  • "Seeing the crown jewels for inspiration made writing my poem so much easier." Ainara


A selection of poetry produced on the day


Fit for a Queen

Opulent, bright, priceless

A dark history emerges from the luxurious sparkle

It tastes of blood

Blue as the cold souls it touched

A diamond as dazzling as can be


By Mariama

The Koh-i-Nur shines bright

Under the dazzling light

It is  smooth and sharp

Like the glassy surface of a calm pond

The echoes of silver swords clash against one another

Betrayal and fear lurks  around the luminous diamond


By Vidhi


The Koh-i-Nur, The Mountain Of Light,

A shooting star high up in the sky

The mountain of light,

More like the stench of death.


It sounds like the cries of the innocent lives it has destroyed

Like stabbing my heart with my own knives


The taste of rage and regret fills the night sky

The darkness that hides inside has now been seen.


As the diamond shines the truth is revealed

The sad souls can now been released.


By Andriele


Behind the opulent, dazzling diamond

The dark, cold past shines out


The whisper of Duleep’s tears

Stream down his cold face


The Koh-i-Nur  tastes of ice: cold and hard


By Ainara



It shines like the stars in the sky,

The Diamond, The Diamond.


It feels like a deer,

in the bloody jaws of a lion.


The Koh-i-Nur  has stolen a life,

The whispers of  separated souls hover around.

The Diamond, the Diamond


Scars engraved

It feels like the crushed shell of a snail

The Diamond, the Diamond


By Mariam