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Retweetd From nancy

Thank you! 😊😊


Wishing you lots of luck, Nancy! You will absolutely flourish at university and we are so of you!


Retweetd From HFEDCompSci

Great to visit to talk and - this morning; really warm.students and excellent practice amongst the staff 💻🖱


of this beautiful work!


Retweetd From Daisy Mercer

Ibtisam also represents as one of their Y10 students. Very proud of all 3 girls, thank you for an incredible opportunity!


Club today and every Thursday, in the library, 3-4pm (Yrs 7-8), 4-5pm (Yrs 9-11). 6th form and staff welcome too!


Wow! What a fantatastic achievement!


Heyaballe, Ibtisam and Heyabel completed the very challenging UCL Sutton Scholars programme recently - an exciting range of visits, events and opportunities that will help them achieve top university places. We're of you! Find out more


The next Friends of HAB meeting will be on Thursday 12th September at 5.30pm. Friends of HAB is a newly-formed committee of parents of all years. You would be very welcome to join. Please feel free to just come along.


It's 'Give It A Go' week at Harris Academy Bermondsey this week. A chance for girls to try as many of our after-school clubs as they like before signing up next week. Lots to try! See full list of clubs at


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

personal highlights tell pupils *how to learn silent teaching whole school reflection techniques EYFS (& mums) can change the world The best til last... “teachers make a difference, damn it!”


Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

Super amped after my book purchases by for myself and for our head of biology. ( our head of chemistry was ahead of the game and already had the chemistry one...)


Congratulations Leslie!


Retweetd From Karen Haward

‘There is a professional obligation to get better.’ Really enjoyed session on how teachers can use research evidence to improve students’ outcomes. Practical and sensible strategic thinking


Whoop! day out at


Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

Thanks Nilu! It’s been a super positive start to the yeah at HAB!


We think it would be MARVELLOUS! 😄


Looking forward to getting our hands on these!

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Latest News

Posted on July 8th 2019

Year 7s Visit Their Old Primary Schools to Help 2019 New Starters

At the beginning of the June, around 30 Year 7 HAB girls visited their former primary schools to speak with the pupils about transition to secondary school.

1 SouthwarkParkPrimary Transition2019 6web

We conducted sessions on finding friends, extracurricular clubs, homework, uniforms and how to use a timetable – which can be a bit scary to think about when you are still at primary school! 

2 RiversidePrimary Transition2019 28

Our Year 7 pupils opened their school bags to proudly display their exercise books, allowing the primary pupils ask questions about how they organise themselves for a school day and how a school planner works.

3 SouthwarkParkPrimary Transition2019 9web

There were many opportunities for questions throughout the workshops so the Year 6 and Year 5 pupils could find out more about Harris Academy Bermondsey and transition to reassure the primary pupils about the move to 'big school'.

The primary pupils were interested the extracurricular clubs as a way to meet new people and also appreciated the array of stationery!

4 RiversidePrimary Transition2019 39

One primary teacher commented: "The girls found it very exciting and especially enjoyed asking questions to the Year 7 girls about their experiences."

5 RiversidePrimary Transition2019 6

The Year 7 pupils also found the workshops a valuable opportunity. "Making sure the Year 6 are prepared for HAB was inspirational," said one HAB girl. "Helping them out, so they are prepared and make an easier transition into secondary school, was nice."

The Year 7 girls were phenomenal ambassadors for Harris Academy Bermondsey, respectful of all the queries the Year 5 and Year 6 girls had about transitioning to secondary school and made me as a teacher very #ProudToBeHAB.

Dr Hay