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Retweetd From Manor Estate TRA

Please RT for young people FREE Self defence & Muay Thai - no need to book spaces FREE Creative writing/media - for ages 8+ places need to be booked FREE DJ workshop - for ages 11+ places need to be booked Lisa ❤️


Retweetd From HAB Enrichment

What a fantastic production of Grease! Well done to all staff and students involved


of HAB girls auctioning some of our students’ sensational artwork at yesterday!


Retweetd From HarrisFed D&T

A great day yesterday with from lots to think about with regards to curriculum planning, the new OFSTED framework and D&T. Now I just need to put it all into practice.




HABby Birthday! 🎂 What a way to celebrate!


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A BIG HAB thank you to all of our fantastic business mentors! It's been a great year and we look forward to working with you!


Photography Club student Amina, Year 10, took some fantastic pictures of our wonderful school production of this week. It's not easy being an event photographer and we're really of her for these!


Retweetd From nancy

I cried wayyy to much whilst watching this. I’ve never been more proud of a group of girls in my entire life! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. Well done girls and staff for this amazing production. looking forward to next year 😂💗


Retweetd From Leslie Bridgette

As part of my phase 3 we have been given this amazing charity that allows people with to express themselves through and . So excited to help them! Please follow our Twitter account!


We couldn’t be more of our cast and company for their exceptional turn in the opening night of Grease this evening


Retweetd From HAB Enrichment

Congratulations to all performers on creating such an impressive show!


Retweetd From Lyndsay Harris

Welcome to 1950s America! The stage and diner is set for production of Grease!


Fabulous pics from our Year 13 Graduation 2019. Lots more at We're so of our Year 13s as they embark on their exciting futures!


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

Solving equations ... speeded up but accompanied by excellent verbal explanations - super of my chemistry students 🧪


Retweetd From HABSTEM

The pictures from the awards are up: It’s a great to the fun we had that day!


Retweetd From Food for Life Lambeth & Southwark

Huge well done to our schools, both pupils & teachers for presenting their innovative work on healthy eating to a room full of stakeholders at our celebration event. Thank you to all those who came


Retweetd From Food for Life

Today we're at a celebratory workshop to share projects that are making a tangible difference to the food options available to pupils in Lambeth and Southwork school.


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Latest News

Posted on June 26th 2019

Anita, The Girl Who Donated 15 Books. By Zainab, Year 11

Zainab, Year 11, reports on one student's generous donation of books to our library.

An innovative and thoughtful Year 7 named Anita (pictured below) has done the charitable act of donating a series of 15 books to the local HAB library, where she hopes other HAB students will “really enjoy them”.

This remarkable act of selflessness showcases the HAB values and goals a fellow HAB student ought to achieve, whereby her selflessness has allowed present students, as well as future students, to have the opportunity of reading the Dork Diaries series she has given, as well as other fun and youthful books of interest.


Books in general are a source of pleasure, entertainment and enrichment for all ages which should be experienced by all. They have the power to open and expand our opinions and experiences, transporting you beyond that of your imagination but instead to glimpse into another.

All books have different and important messages that may well follow us for the rest of our lives. So not only is Anita’s act generous and charitable, it is also monumental since the books she has delivered may just in fact expand your mind and teach or expose you to things you may not have experienced or learnt before.

Love and care for your community

This act of giving books to the library or, in fact, to anyone is necessary as it shows the love and care you have for your community, because not only are you thinking of helping others, you are actively making a huge difference in someone else’s life from a simple act.

Therefore I feel so passionately towards the greatness of Anita’s act as she turned a collection of books that she “won’t read again” into an opportunity of inviting someone else into the story of a book that interested her and can now interest another person.

All in all, it would be great for us all to attempt to donate any book to the library so you can play your part in influencing another person’s life for the better. No act of charity and selflessness is too small if it enriches the mind, souls and hearts of another.

Zainab, Year 11

If you have any books you no longer need and would like to donate please contact Ms Morris, who will find them a good home!