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Retweetd From nancy

Thank you! 😊😊


Wishing you lots of luck, Nancy! You will absolutely flourish at university and we are so of you!


Retweetd From HFEDCompSci

Great to visit to talk and - this morning; really warm.students and excellent practice amongst the staff 💻🖱


of this beautiful work!


Retweetd From Daisy Mercer

Ibtisam also represents as one of their Y10 students. Very proud of all 3 girls, thank you for an incredible opportunity!


Club today and every Thursday, in the library, 3-4pm (Yrs 7-8), 4-5pm (Yrs 9-11). 6th form and staff welcome too!


Wow! What a fantatastic achievement!


Heyaballe, Ibtisam and Heyabel completed the very challenging UCL Sutton Scholars programme recently - an exciting range of visits, events and opportunities that will help them achieve top university places. We're of you! Find out more


The next Friends of HAB meeting will be on Thursday 12th September at 5.30pm. Friends of HAB is a newly-formed committee of parents of all years. You would be very welcome to join. Please feel free to just come along.


It's 'Give It A Go' week at Harris Academy Bermondsey this week. A chance for girls to try as many of our after-school clubs as they like before signing up next week. Lots to try! See full list of clubs at


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

personal highlights tell pupils *how to learn silent teaching whole school reflection techniques EYFS (& mums) can change the world The best til last... “teachers make a difference, damn it!”


Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

Super amped after my book purchases by for myself and for our head of biology. ( our head of chemistry was ahead of the game and already had the chemistry one...)


Congratulations Leslie!


Retweetd From Karen Haward

‘There is a professional obligation to get better.’ Really enjoyed session on how teachers can use research evidence to improve students’ outcomes. Practical and sensible strategic thinking


Whoop! day out at


Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

Thanks Nilu! It’s been a super positive start to the yeah at HAB!


We think it would be MARVELLOUS! 😄


Looking forward to getting our hands on these!

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Posted on June 6th 2019

Wild Boy - Book Review by Linh, Year 10

Linh, Year 10, reviews a novel set in 19th century Southwark.

Wild BoyWild Boy is Rob Lloyd Jones’ debut novel and it received the Branford Boase Award. The novel is set in Southwark, London in 1838.

The story starts on an eerie night when the moon is the colour of mud. The Showman visits a workhouse and demands access to our protagonist, Wild Boy. The Showman wants Wild Boy to be part of his freak show. The uncaring name, Wild Boy,  was given to our protagonist because of his ‘monstrous’ appearance as he is covered from head to toe in thick hair. Sadly, he is also covered in scratches from fighting with other boys from the workhouse. Wild Boy was abandoned when he was a baby because of his strange appearance and he grew up in a workhouse. Isolated and away from the people in the workhouse, Wild Boy was full of loneliness and agrees to join the Showman’s freak show.

Freak show

Wild Boy’s freakshow home is part of a travelling circus. Whilst at the circus, Wild Boy meets other usual people and makes new friends. There is the acrobat, Clarissa Everett, who Wild Boy loves to argue with and Sir Oswald who is cruelly referred to as a ‘freak’ because he has no legs. Wild Boy’s life is turned upside down when he witnesses the dreadful murder of  Professor Wollestonecraft. People accuse Wild Boy of the murder and so he must escape them in order to avoid a life time in jail.  

Why does everyone accuse Wild Boy of the murder? (Hint: the moon was the colour of mud). Will Wild Boy let chance decide his fate or will he solve the murder himself? Wild Boy will have to use his extraordinary powers of observation and logical thinking to help him identify the evidence that will allow him to clear his name.

Solve the mystery

Commonly readers feel terribly sad about the protagonist's miserable life and the way he is dehumanised and treated harshly. It is not only the mystery that makes the novel so exciting, but also all of the information that Jones conveys about Southwark, where we live.

This is a great book that I strongly recommend you to read as part of your research for Creative Writing (GCSE English language, paper 1 fiction). This book is perfect for those who wish to challenge their logical understanding and for fans of Sherlock Holmes. To those who read  Wild Boy as their first detective book, I hope you enjoy the story and solve the mystery.

Linh, Year 10