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Retweetd From Imogen Breen 🔬🧬🧫

Fortune teller quizzing with Y9! Key words are hidden under the tabs - students pick the number and get a word to define. (great tes resource I found a while back but only now got a chance to use!)


Thank you and for an inspiring Young City Poets visit. A great opportunity to see a fabulous cultural landmark and let it inspire some powerful poetry by our girls. Find and more and read the poems at


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year everyone 😄😄


Retweetd From HAB Sports

Boxing at school ➡️ Boxing at Amateur boxing club. Well done girls🥊 Future Olympians pending⏳Thank you for organizing light sparing with Junior National Champion Vivian Parsons 🥊#ProudToBeHAB of you all!


Retweetd From HAB Sports

Active Row competition last week! Well girls!! great team work and resilience Thank you 🚣‍♀️


Retweetd From HAB Sports

HAB girls love Basketball!🏀 Fixtures pending..⏳ Can you guess how many girls attended last week’s session 🤔


Retweetd From HABSTEM

such a great day. I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by how phenomenal these students have been today. 👩🏽‍💻👩🏾‍💻🏅


Retweetd From Nilu K

Just remember to . You got this Team HAB-Bots!


Retweetd From HABSTEM



Retweetd From HABSTEM

The mayhem has begun - much more intense than last year as we have TWO teams in the competition . Thanks for sponsoring us to get here!


Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland were all there in spirit at our recent book-themed Literary Tea Party, hosted for students who have shown a real love of literacy. Big thanks to for the funding. Find out more


Thank you to and for these amazing 'Becoming' journals. The students at HAB are thrilled with them!


Retweetd From Lyndsay Harris

Extremely of students!


Retweetd From Dr Edmunds 🧲 🛰 🚀

Also; how nice is the view from my classroom ?! students really enjoyed this practical & looking at our beautiful skyline!


Retweetd From ENGLISH@HAB

Blackout Poetry 😍 “I have nothing but hope that pulled me into the world”


The girls cannot get enough of ‘You Got This: A fabulously fearless guide to being YOU’


Year 10 students had a wonderful day learning about careers in


Retweetd From Ms Valentín Lucas

students got front seats and are ready to listen to some fantastic lectures as part of their French Linguistics Taster Day at University of Westminster.

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Posted on May 16th 2019

Guardian Helps Students Make Newspaper - Thien, Year 10, Reports

Thien, Year 10, reports on how students made their own newspaper, with help from the Guardian.

Last month, our Year 10, was given the opportunity to create and publish our own news articles at the Guardian office.

We were split into groups to create a full newspaper consisting of 12 articles. We decided on our editorial roles including sports editor, home editor and more.

TheGuardian 66

Then we filtered through news articles and chose 3-4 articles each that we would later discuss in a meeting within our groups. In this meeting we decided on 12 articles to be in our newspaper.

TheGuardian 3

We were then allocated the articles that we needed to write and were given time to research. There was quite a lot of pressure during the writing process as we had a very short time limit to complete the articles. However, we all persevered and managed to finish the articles, including choosing pictures and creating our own headlines.

TheGuardian 98

Finally, we were able to decide on the name of our newspaper alongside the price. The trip gave us an amazing insight into journalism and will undoubtedly help us in our English GCSEs. 

TheGuardian 116

“It was an amazing opportunity to see the hard work and time that goes into writing and publishing newspapers," said Xue-Jun, Year 10. "I was really proud at having contributed to making my own newspaper.”

TheGuardian 18

And here's what our newspapers looked like!

TheGuardian 131

By Thien, Year 10

A big THANK YOU to the team at Guardian Education Centre for making this invaluable experience possible.