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We’re really looking forward to welcoming you in September Year 7! You might have a few questions about HAB life, if so, have a look at our ‘how to’ videos. Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday ☀️


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From our HAB6 graduates to the new class! Make sure you watch this video to help you prepare. We hope you’re all as excited to start as we are to teach you all about how things work using science 🧪 🧫 👩‍🔬


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So proud of our Y7 helping out the new starters for September! Any starting in September - this is for YOU!


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Incredibly proud of these girls (& THE BOY)... you lot were a pleasure to teach and will go stratospheric 💫 ... let me know when you reach those dizzy heights 😉


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***FREE RESOURCES*** Physics paper 1 is now finished and on the blog: Let me know if you deliver them to classes & please feel free to give feedback so I can improve for future years. Lots of SLOP/deliberate practice for students!


! You never cease to amaze us! It must be in the same location as your famed bronze statue... not sure the risk assessment covers this though!


Huge congratulations to Chantoi, who goes to ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ to read Ancient and Modern History following a superb set of results today.


Huge congratulations to students graduating today with spectacularly impressive university places secured! We are so of every single one of you for your determination, intellectual curiosity and relentless positivity.


We are very of you, Nancy! Congratulations!


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Starting at HAB in September? Why not watch our short 'how to' films on things like reading a timetable, lunch arrangements and lining up. We're really looking forward to welcoming you! Watch our films at


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Vote for Active Row by RT or visit… 🚣‍♀️ have had up to 400 new girls participate in rowing each academic year!


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How to improve the healthy food environment in secondary schools? While on our programme have introduced a breakfast club so pupils start the day energised and have reduced sugar in their break time food


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So do we! And we’re to work with you!


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Sport has the power to change lives!! You can vote for Active Row in the sports category of the ! To vote, tweet


Congratulations !

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Posted on March 4th 2019

Poet Clare Mulley Inspires Young City Poets

Poet Clare Mulley popped into school on Tuesday to run a poetry workshop with some Year 7 and 8 students. The workshop was the second instalment of the National Literacy Trust’s Young City Poets project, following the students' visit to the Tower of London last month.

Clare Mully (5)

During the workshop, the girls explored a poetic form called a ghazal made famous by Persian poets Rumi and Hafiz. The students also wrote their own poems using the ghazal structure. You can read their fabulous poems at the bottom of this page.

Clare gave the girls the freedom and support they needed to explore a wide range of topics in their poems: some of the poems were inspired by a recent trip to The Tower of London, whilst other girls wrote poems about feminism and mental health. One student even contemplated the realities of a post-truth world in her work.

Clare Mully (1)

What students said...

Faizat had a fabulous time and described the workshop as "enlightening and inspiring". Rodiyat admitted that she doesn’t normally like poetry but that her trip to the Tower of London and the time she spent with Clare has inspired her to write more poetry as it’s a great way for her to express herself.

"I was very proud of the work produced by the students during the workshop," said Ms Morris. "I was particularly impressed by the atmosphere of support and creativity that Clare created as it allowed the girls to step away from their insecurities and express their thoughts and feelings."

A big thank you to Clare Mulley and the Young City Poets project.

Clare Mully (3)

Our students ghazal poems

By Oladimeji 

It is simplistically complex, the injustice of humanity,

Engulfed and entwined by psychological morality.

It is an oppressing concern, unable to stop it, 

Because as humans, we involuntarily encourage it.

The ineptitude to define the complexity of life

Is both literally and metaphorically a subject of political ties.


For some, the finality of the truth has always been a political illusion,

 And as humans we don't tend to question an alternative solution.

We struggle to question what’s really in front of us

In fear of ruining our social status

And the inability to question our controversial society, 

Is the inability to question the true appearance of reality.


Clare Mully (4)

My Ghazal, By Faizat

Do you even care?

The people you trample on

The people you mock

Do they even matter?


Do you even care?

The babies you steal candy from

The children you hurt

Do they even matter?


Do you even care?

The pain you cause

The sorrow you bring

Does it even matter?


Do you even care?

The sadness you share

The hope you extinguished

Does it even matter?


Do you even care?

The countries you lay waste to

The families you rip apart

Do they even matter?


Do you even care?

The happiness you rip apart

The people you claim to be below you

Do they even matter?


By Rodiyat Ayeni

A swaying walk down the road

Life spreads everywhere 

Dancing through night

Lights parade

Scented foods from around the world

Colours shine round the globe

Families reunite

Laughing all day long

Music buzzes through me like a bumble bee

Celebration for every occasion 

I would like to take part please

Clare Mully (2)

By Serena, whose poem was based on the terrible events of the Holocaust.

You didn’t have a voice when you needed one

No one could give it to you


At that time you didn’t have a clue

About what they would do to you


It was only the memories that could get you through

All of the trauma that had happened to Serena Dundas


Up in the tower you aren’t a threat, by Isamar

You are up in a tower, locked and scared

In your own country supposedly “free”

Tried and guilty but guilty for what?

You’re posing a threat

Alone up there, like some type of Rapunzel

A princess, condemned to die alone

Because you cannot be the true you.

Beliefs. What are beliefs?

Things that everyone thinks differently. Right?

The silence drives you crazy,

You pull yourself bank into reality.

Maybe just maybe you were born in the wrong time,

Maybe you’ll be born in a fairer time; later after you die.


Sympathy For Life, by Sweatha

Droplets wriggle down

Splashing on to the concrete surface.


Sitting down hanging your head with shame. Why?

Is it because of the situations you needed to face?

Or is it because there is no time to tie your lace?


Depressed, as well as being bullied by the insecure,

But needs time to consider about being sure.

More heart-breaking shocks

Make your emotions turn in depression


Guilt, have you done anything wrong?

As well being tortured by the throng.

Drip drop eyes as scarlet as roses

Drip drop are there like poses.


Lost as a spirit, searching wherever you go but nothing 

But nothing

But nothing

But nothing...


Life is about sympathy