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of all our brilliant students and staff have achieved this half term. Wishing you all a lovely half term break for the week ahead!


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Want to inspire your girls? Love this collection of downloadable prints of women who changed the world:


Young sell scented, homemade, sustainable candles from their stall at as part of the competition. They SOLD OUT! Fantastic event! Full story and loads more pictures at


Calling all HAB parents... would you like to take part in a small focus group on Thursday 28 February at 6.00pm to discuss our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy and give your feedback? We'd love your views. Find out how to take part at Thank you!


Calling all former HAB girls... We would love to hear what you are doing now. Study, employment... please get in touch and let us know! Find out more about our new scheme at


Sign up for our Reading Challenge and read five books by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic authors over the next ten weeks. Loads to choose from in the school , including by Find out more


Ditch the uniform for one day and come to school dressed as a character of your choice for , Thurs 7 March. What character will you come as? Find out more


Our young group of students are at Market selling natural homemade they have made .


Ayse, Year 13, wants to win an Oscar. So she's studying , and and has just offered her a place to study Make-Up and Hair Design. "I want to go to Hollywood or work on a fantasy TV series." , Ayse! Full story


Massive to for donating books by black and minority ethnic authors to our school . You're helping girls engage with a wide range of authors and voices. Brilliant! Find out more at


“It’s vital for everyone to read more books by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic authors so that the 7.5 million citizens in the UK are fully represented in the books that we all read." Amy and Niambi, Sixth Formers, on the HAB Reading Challenge


It's on 7 March 2019. We'll be celebrating the joy of and by dressing as our favourite characters! Who will you come as? Find out more


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Posters of Women in Science available here: - they’re lovely!


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Happy hopefully helping the next generation as a chemistry teacher 👩🏻‍🔬🧪⚗️... but my friend here used to be a biologist.


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Today is International Day; here are just a few of the many women who've made advances in chemistry in the past few decades:


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Year 12 students listening to a great talk about higher degree apprenticeships thanks to


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Proud to be working with our 6 Beacon Schools: and Phoenix Primary School on the new & Food for Life programme with


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of the wide ranging career opportunities presented to students


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Amazing work! Those turbines are particularly cool 👩🏻‍🔬 👨‍🔬


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Designed by our fantastic year 9 students! So proud of you girls

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Posted on December 21st 2018

Spoken Word Event Celebrates Black History

Dan from Year 10 reviews our latest spoken word event at Harris Academy Bermondsey which celebrated black history. Twenty girls from across the academy performed their work in front of an audience of students, staff and parents

SpokenWord Dec18 75

Dan's review...

In December, our school celebrated black history through a spoken word event and it was amazing.

The show started with a Year 10 student performing her poem, Lower My Head and Divert My Eyes which is featured in the annual Harris Federation Poetry Anthology. It is about the attitude of society toward black people in the 1960s. In the poem, the author describes the life of a black woman who lost her job because she fought back against workplace discrimination. It spoke about the way white people looked at black people with “hateful eyes”. The poem highlights  the fact that black people had to do their best to prove themselves but their attempts did little to change the mind of those who held racist views.

SpokenWord Dec18 54

The second poem was by a Year 8 student and celebrated black women in our society. It shows that black women are equal to everyone else in the world. The speech told the audience that black women have their own beauty and intrinsic value. This poem demonstrates that although some people in society judge black women with an unequal eye, they still have confidence in themselves.

There was also a range of musical performances by students from across the year groups. Members of the HAB choir sang songs called Lean on Me and When you Believe which were uplifting for everyone to hear. A HAB6 student performed an acapella solo of a song called Oh Freedom which was written in the time of the American civil rights movement. The most exciting part of the show for me was the song I Feel Good which was performed by The HAB band. All of the members of the band are from Year 10 and they had some help from Ms Sillars on drums, and Ms Farina on bass. The song gave an excited atmosphere for the audience.

SpokenWord Dec18 65

The show took place in the Harris Academy Theatre which gave us a cosy atmosphere. The room was filled up with many students who performed and enjoyed the show. There were parents of the performers and also many teachers who came to celebrate Black History at the event.  

Throughout the show, the audience listened to all of the poems and songs about black people and their difficulties as well as their hopes in the community. I can feel that all of the people in the room have a clearer understanding of black history now. Not only that, the show was also a good opportunity for student to improve their understanding about black history as they researched ideas for their poems and speeches

SpokenWord Dec18 39

As an audience member, I recommend that all students join in with HAB shows like this one, either as a performer or an audience member. The show was an extremely good occasion and a great way to celebrate black history. 

What people said…

“This was a fabulous showcase that gave our students the opportunity to explore the history of black people. Whilst there was plenty of time to celebrate the achievements of black people, students also took time to acknowledge the inequalities that people still face due to race today. I was so proud to see our girls engaging with this complex topic in such a mature and sensitive way.” Ms Morris

“An outstanding evening of entertainment that really highlights the girls' talents for music and creative writing.” Ms Bailey, teacher

“It was brilliant. I didn't think I would ever be able to get up in front of people and perform like that.” Taylor, student

SpokenWord Dec18 89

“That was amazing! I didn't know the band was that good! I didn't realise my daughter was such a fabulous poet - I am very proud of her!” Parent

“I was very nervous to begin with but as the night went on, my confidence grew! The other performers were brilliant; I really liked the spoken word performers because I like listening to their stories.” Tiffany, student

SpokenWord Dec18 109