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A huge thank you to all parents and carers who attended our first ever event yesterday. We were blown away by the enormous turnout and your enthusiasm for Maths, English and Reading. Can’t wait to see you all for the next one - dates to be published soon!


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It was great to meet so many people interested in at our recruitment event last night! If you want to why not visit for more info or apply via UCAS 1TZ!


Like guidance on how to support your daughter with ? Come to our Parent Partnership event, Weds 14 Nov 5.30-6.30pm for three 20 min sessions run by our staff. Open to families of girls in all year groups. Find out more


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We are ready to meet you and discuss your next step into teaching We've even got the good biscuits out! ☕️🍪📚


Read Temi Adeyemi’s outstanding novel, ‘Children of Blood and Bone’. We’ve copies of lots more great books by black authors in our library.


Spoken word artist Usifu Jalloh (Cowfoot Prince) gives a captivating African workshop looking at the influence Africa has had on cultures, countries and communities globally."I was smiling so much that my cheeks hurt!” Find out more


How did WW1 end and what is Armistice Day?


and How do we apply for the 300 tickets you’re donating to schools for ’s appearance in December? We’re an all girls’ state school who would love to attend!


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I'm so chuffed with the model cells my year 7s at made over half term! Great science and amazing art too 😊


Our girls are reading 'We Should All Be Feminists' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Copies of this and lots more great books by black authors in our school library


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Everybody has a role to play to make gender equality a reality. Here are 8 ways you can contribute:


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Amazing year 7 homework! Looking forward to teaching them about cells now 🔬 👩🏼‍🔬


'The Watsons Go To Birmingham', by Christopher Paul Curtis. Another of the many fantastic books in our school library by black authors


Congratulations to our first cohort of graduating coaches on completing their ⁦⁩ Anatomy course today!


'Little and Lion', by Brandy Colbert. One of the books in our library by black authors which girls read during


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30 Oct: Celebrating Emma Clarke, Britain’s First Black Female Football Pioneer Free registration:


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Morning reading from "Girls shouldn't listen to anyone who says tech isn't for them' - Let's encourage and empower" 👩‍💻 ()


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The latest official stats show 4,751 people were sleeping rough in England on a typical night. This only represents the tip of an iceberg when it comes to the true scale of .


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Hello Southwark Schools! are offering Workshops for students 14+, exploring the making of new immersive theatre production . Workshops can be tailored to your curriculum needs and age group. More info at


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Do you want to ? Come to our Q&A event in November to have all of your questions answered & to meet our lovely tutor team!

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Posted on October 16th 2018

Focus on Black British History This Month

During Black History Month we will be using tutor time to raise students’ awareness of the history of black people in Britain and the civil rights movement that took place in the UK.

We only have a few weeks so this will be whistle-stop tour of a history that spans back to the 12th century. We have zoomed in on six key periods that led to the expansion of the black population in Britain and their progression in terms of greater racial equality.

BlackHistoryMonth 095 LoRes

We've also created a special exhibition in the library about key moments in black British history (see picture above).

"Many students have a massive gap in their knowledge about this topic due to the American-centric black history curriculum they have been presented with since primary school," says Jade Bailey, Head of Literacy & Teacher of English. “From a moral standpoint, it is important we broaden what is considered important to teach our students so that the default history of Britain isn't a solely white one."

Year 12 presentation

Amie (below left) and Naomi, Year 9, delivered a special assembly on black people in Britain before the slave trade to champion equality and allow students to reflect on the achievements of significant black figures in British history. Download the presentation, which Ms Morris and Ms Bailey designed to be used in tutor times across the whole school

BlackHistoryMonth 037 LoRes

What students said…

“I think that Black History Month is important because everyone matters and you shouldn’t treat others differently just because of the colour of their skin.” Nhan

“We should really celebrate Black History Month because it’s important to show how black people have overcome discrimination. A black woman that inspires me is Rosa Parks. She said 'no' to giving her seat up to another person just because they were white.” Natalia

“Rosa Parks is inspirational because she stood up for her rights despite being a black woman during a period of intense racism.” Evelyn

BlackHistoryMonth 043 LoRes

Maya Angelou is an inspirational woman because she spoke her mind after being silent for five years.” Aminata

“I thought Black History Month was only about black people as individuals but it’s actually about the events that have happened in history and how black people have survived and thrived.” Jamilia

BlackHistoryMonth 090 LoRes