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If you have questions about how to , come along this morning to meet the team.


Retweetd From Lindsey Fitzharris

(1/10) Today is the 270th birthday of , pioneer of vaccination who arguably saved more lives than anyone else in history. Here’s a THREAD 👇 in his honour. (Photo of two children - one vaccinated against smallpox, the other not - from . Follow them!).


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Ask me anything week in year 7 kicking off to a great start! Teachers will be answering their favourite questions and creating a new display


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What an inspirational evening! Thank you to and for hosting Yr9 Art students and their fantastic work!


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Science connections! Are you a teacher or do you aspire to be a science teacher? If you're interested in joining a very friendly & supportive department with then drop me a message!


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If you’re interested in we’d love to meet you! We have lots of events coming up where you can meet our team and find out about training with us! Visit our events page for more details:


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I'm sure we will have plenty of designers at HAB!


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Oh hey it's me talking about how impressed I am with my Y9 unipathways students


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Physics/Science connections! Are you a teacher or aspire to be a science teacher? If you're interested in joining a very friendly & supportive department then drop me a message. HAB has been a wonderful place to train & offers amazing prospects for progression.


Retweetd From Dr B

Stole a page from book and had question time w my Y7s. Fav questions: 1) How come dinosaur bones are still in the ground?🦕 2) Are all pigeons messenger pigeons now? (as opposed to passenger pigeons)🐦 3) Are there any really big fish we haven't discovered yet?🐠


Retweetd From Lyndsay Harris

Very excited to welcome our first Class of 2026 Transition Club to for Languages this afternoon!


There is still time to apply! Don’t miss your chance to work with our incredible team and wonderful students!


Fancy working in a research-led, knowledge-rich school with the most fantastic students and staff? We’re recruiting! Apply now


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It is genuinely awesome. It’s KCL medicine outreach with a hospital heroes scheme. We’re incredibly lucky that they approached us!


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Creation, rejection, isolation, revenge, remorse - Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' (9.30pm shorter repeat)


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It's a beautiful morning in today! We love the incredible view from our training base at !


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Creating sutures today. What an amazing opportunity for our year 7s! They took to it like ducks to water 👩‍🔬👩‍⚕️


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Calling young people, youth workers, parents, teachers, carers, health professionals & police - how have you and your community been affected by cuts to youth services? Quick form here👇⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦


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Our year 7 girls having an amazing time looking into with and their medicine outreach team. Thank you

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Posted on October 5th 2018

Black History Month - Promoting Black Authors

To mark Black History Month our sixth formers led a special assembly this week. Our library is also featuring books by black British authors and encouraging students to borrow them.

Sixth former Korede writes…

“The continuous systematic oppression and overt degradation of black people all over the globe are highlighted through movements such as #blacklivesmatter and #sayhername. Thus it is indubitable that the celebration of a black history month is imperative now more than ever.

BlackHistoryMonth 008

Korede is pictured (left) with other sixth formers who gave the assembly.

Through recognising the valiant efforts of undervalued members in society such as Claudia Jones, Billy Strachan, Michael Omari (AKA Stormzy) as well as the women essential to establishing and maintaining the NHS, we ultimately create a narrative in which the achievements of key black figures are recognised and commemorated.

In an inclusive school that encourages intellectual curiosity and develops individual gifts, Harris Academy Bermondsey has taken the responsibility to not just focus on our academic attainment, but to make our experiences here holistic. The assembly on black history month was therefore a success. It testified that though indeed 28 days are not enough to pay respect to the achievements of those who struggled before our time, their key virtues such as passion, purpose and dedication are those which should remain exhibited in the school, creating an ethos that allows for us to internalise attributes, therefore creating HAB excellence.”

Promoting books by black authors

All this month our library is promoting and celebrating books by black authors from around the world.

Mayasa (pictured below) says: “I’ve read lots of biographies about black people but I haven’t read many fiction books by black people. I don’t know that many black authors.”

BlackHistoryMonth 010

Iqra (pictured below) says: “Most of the authors I know are white. I’m interested in reading black authors because they’ll tell me something new and different about the world.”

BlackHistoryMonth 014

Iman and Praise (pictured below) say: “We are overwhelmingly happy to see an increase in black authors, especially black female authors. It’s great to be represented by a plethora of people who share the same views and passions as we do.”

BlackHistoryMonth 026