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Students have created and shared these representations, and now are critiquing their diagrams. #teaching4mastery open lesson.


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Awesome PD day watching primary and secondary teaching . If you were one of the hundreds that experienced , what ideas are you taking back to your school?


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Teachers getting ready to observe maths teachers from Shanghai - just waiting for the students now! We're at this afternoon as part of the Shanghai Teaching Showcase .


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What’s the same what’s different? open lesson .


Retweetd From Atlas Maths

“How can you represent ¾?” Shanghai teacher gathers ideas from students ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩, and they critique .


Retweetd From Bobby Seagull

I like the teacher's emphasis on clarity of language.


Retweetd From Bobby Seagull

Looking forward to observing maths teachers from Shanghai for the first time! Going with fellow teachers from in to this afternoon as part of the Shanghai Teaching Showcase .


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We've created online resources to help young people identify real news and filter out and false information 👉 Register your school, college or youth group for a workshop or attend an event


that will be running in aid of in March! Please help us raise our target of £4,400 by donating here:


to be reversing the languages decline. “It’s about understanding that other people don’t see the world the same way as you see it.” Well said ⁦⁦⁩ Exclusive: The schools reversing the languages decline | Tes News


Retweetd From Ms Valentín Lucas

Thank you for suggesting the idea of using a timeline to support and encourage students to narrate events in their answers! Year 11s have worked on these during their intervention today and found them extremely useful.


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Over the Christmas period almost 12,000 volunteers welcomed 4,603 guests to our centres, held 787 advice sessions on housing, employment and benefits, and checked the health of 753 guests.


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Thank you to all volunteers for a great morning filled with mock interviews at 👏 Sign up to volunteer:


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Thank you to everyone at and staff from Peters &Peters for the amazing mock interviews carried out today!


Retweetd From Oxford UG Admissions

Amazing achievement Chantoi, congratulations! 🎉 And hopefully she'll be the first of many! 😊🎓


Download a guide to our activities for the Spring term. Lots of clubs to choose from including rhythm dance and music, conversation, , , , and loads more. Find out more


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Our are back at discussing contrasting placements and their take on the writing process. How are different schools achieving the same outcomes? Some lovely ideas being discussed.


Chantoi, Year 13, has just received an offer to read Ancient and Modern History . She's our first ever student to receive an Oxbridge offer and we could not be more of her achievements. You star!


Looking forward to welcoming all girls and HAB6 back to the Academy tomorrow from 9am for a 9.30am start. Please click this link to see an important announcement about school lunches


Dan in Year 10 is writing book reviews as part of her award. Read her reviews of 'The Bad Beginning' by and 'Murder Most Unladylike' by at

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Posted on April 3rd 2018

Dilara, Year 10, on our Latest Theme Day

Yakar Dilara 149Dilara, Year 10 (right), reports on what she learned and enjoyed during our latest Theme Day.

Theme Day, for me, was very eye-opening. For example, during my second lesson I learnt that from March 2016 to March 2017, knife crime had risen rapidly; over 12,000 people were injured over the one year period.

In my second lesson I have also learnt that 80% of people who carry knives get their own knife used against them. Unless you are a butcher, fishmonger, carpet fitter, chef or a Sikh carrying a Kirpan and you are carrying a knife, you will be arrested.

IMG 0513Theme DayCoping with stress

My third lesson was about stress and how to cope with it. Before that lesson I never knew that stress could be caused by hunger or lack of sleep. To deal with stress and/or anxiety, you could try doing exercises, such as walking or swimming, or deal with what’s making you stressed, e.g. if school work is making you feel anxious, try doing 10-15 minutes then have 20 minute breaks.

My fourth lesson was about relationships and respect. In that lesson, there was a discussion on what makes a healthy relationship good and what makes an unhealthy relationship bad. Good communication skills, having different yet some similar interests, having different friends and basic respect are some of the components of a healthy relationship. However, being overly jealous, having the same exact interests, having no other friends and having no basic respect are some of the components of an unhealthy relationship.


My last lesson was PE (pictured). In that lesson, my whole year group and I did one minute exercises, such as a plank, skipping and mountain climbers, then had a 30 second rest to switch exercises.

I really enjoyed Theme Day because I learnt something which made me more aware of the society I live in today.

Dilara, Year 10