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Sorry about that. It was OK in the venue but apologies if it disturbed you. We were having a special sports day to make up for the fact our girls missed out on the Federation sports day last week when our coach company let us down. But sorry for the inconvenience.


"This young cast delivers a performance far beyond their years, packing an emotional punch and laughs in equal measure." Mr Tobin reviews our school production of Little Women at


Our girls have won £1,500 from to create their own 'Flower the Youth' garden and performance space at our school. Great idea. Fantastic presentation! Work starts over the summer. Thank you . Full story


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Are you a tech professional interested in opportunities to your skills? Get involved as an Apps for Good industry Expert and help us empower the next generation of tech makers!


Thank you for giving up your time to inspire our girls! It really makes a difference and is much appreciated.


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24/08/2018 Results Day Drop-in for young people with SEND including those with an EHCP. to get information and advice on the different options available. More info will be posted soon on the Local Offer and


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Thank you ⁦⁩ for inviting me to speak with year 10 and 12 girls - great questions from all of you! Anything is possible if you dig in and do your best! ⁦⁩ ⁦


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The girls get £1,500 for ‘Flower the Youth’ - lovely idea, brilliant job all


I don't know who took this pic of our British champion diver Andrea, Year 8, but it's pretty awesome. Andrea is the one on the right! Full story at


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"If you dig in, do your best, anything is possible" - inspiring talk from on the power of working hard and speaking up


We're really proud of Andrea, Year 8, who's a British Elite Junior Diving Champion and aiming for the Olympics. "Every training session feels like a competition. I always try to prefect my dives." Read more about Andrea's amazing season at


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Well done - great attitude. It was a shame that let us down the day before and withdrew coaches which had been booked for months and prevented supporters taking part in their annual sports day.


"Having won a gold for 800m I feel proud, but ALL the competitors showed courage and determination." Read what our Year 7 girls thought about their first ever Sports Day at


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Hey! Have you heard about 'Flower the Youth’? The girls want to create an enjoyable, multi-use garden for young people & a creative hub with lots of exciting enrichment activities. Love this!


Thanks to all our guests who made Careers Day such a success. "We received feedback on our CV and on our interview technique and this made us feel like young adults who will be ready to conquer the City!" Alison, Faiza and Jada, Year 10. FInd out more


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Talking about my experience at and at Brilliantly active students and they have a dedicated programme. More schools like that please!


Girls in rehearsal for our production of Little Women, which opens TODAY! Good luck everyone. We're of you all!


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It’s the last Final of the year! Yay! Can we get a big cheer for our top 6 schools , , , , &


Congratulations to for representing us so brilliantly at the 2018 Harris Federation Sports Day at Crystal Palace Sports Stadium yesterday... of you all!


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Today's career 'speed networking' at was the most organised one I've ever been to! I hope all the pupils learnt about civil engineering

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Posted on April 3rd 2018

Dilara, Year 10, on our Latest Theme Day

Yakar Dilara 149Dilara, Year 10 (right), reports on what she learned and enjoyed during our latest Theme Day.

Theme Day, for me, was very eye-opening. For example, during my second lesson I learnt that from March 2016 to March 2017, knife crime had risen rapidly; over 12,000 people were injured over the one year period.

In my second lesson I have also learnt that 80% of people who carry knives get their own knife used against them. Unless you are a butcher, fishmonger, carpet fitter, chef or a Sikh carrying a Kirpan and you are carrying a knife, you will be arrested.

IMG 0513Theme DayCoping with stress

My third lesson was about stress and how to cope with it. Before that lesson I never knew that stress could be caused by hunger or lack of sleep. To deal with stress and/or anxiety, you could try doing exercises, such as walking or swimming, or deal with what’s making you stressed, e.g. if school work is making you feel anxious, try doing 10-15 minutes then have 20 minute breaks.

My fourth lesson was about relationships and respect. In that lesson, there was a discussion on what makes a healthy relationship good and what makes an unhealthy relationship bad. Good communication skills, having different yet some similar interests, having different friends and basic respect are some of the components of a healthy relationship. However, being overly jealous, having the same exact interests, having no other friends and having no basic respect are some of the components of an unhealthy relationship.


My last lesson was PE (pictured). In that lesson, my whole year group and I did one minute exercises, such as a plank, skipping and mountain climbers, then had a 30 second rest to switch exercises.

I really enjoyed Theme Day because I learnt something which made me more aware of the society I live in today.

Dilara, Year 10