Girls marked Eid with a special event on 6th May. They learned about the origins and significance of henna, got the chance to watch henna artists at work, and have a go themselves too. We also raised money for .


Retweetd From Olga Leontiou

Our arrived at today! Excited and ready to represent Niger this weekend!!!


Retweetd From Olga Leontiou

Our presenting their committees' resolution papers at the final General Assembly of conference. Well done for your eloquent speeches! We are so proud for your significant contributions and outstanding performance!


Retweetd From Habiba Nabisubi

thank you for inviting me to facilitate a workshop on my artistic practice and mental health journey; the experience was truly cathartic. ~what a fantastic group of young women. excited for next week… 🎨👀✨


A big thank you to tutors and HAB teachers for taking Year 8 students for a fascinating experience trip to Christ's College Cambridge. Students were able to complete a mini–Model United Nation conference and enjoy a tour of the college.


"Seeing a play in person gives you a whole new view of the production." Read an article by Jahnaey, Year 9, on our school trip to see 'Wicked'.


Summer Opportunities For Year 11 HAB Girls With NCS. Read a letter to parents from NCS, who are working with HAB to create summer experiences for our Year 11 students. Find out more


Congratulations to Najma for winning the "Outstanding Delegate" Award, and Amina for winning the "Honourable Commendation" at this weekend's Model United Nations conference. All HAB students demonstrated the HAB ethos throughout the conference. Full story


Well done to our Year 12 delegates for attending the Youth Model United Nations London conference this weekend. The conference focused on several global issues, with girls representing different countries and debating and finalising resolutions. Full story


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

Super excited to meet the next generation of at our STEAM 2022 Welcome Evening on Thursday 🧪 📡 🛠🎨🎲 Year 5 are most welcome too ☺


Spot our yr11 GCSE Music students who were invited to take part in this wonderful event!


Very important business to discuss as our Student Government introduce themselves to Lord Harris. Our elected students discussed with Lord Harris the motivation and purpose behind our new HAB student government.


We celebrated with events around the school to raise awareness and start conversations around this year's theme of . Full report and lots more pics at


Year 12s complete their peer mentoring training with Kidscape trainer Danny Dalton, and are ready to begin their mentoring journey at HAB, listening and supporting fellow pupils.


“The National Junior Indoor Championship made me challenge myself to go above and beyond," Deborah, Year 9. Thanks to for their support! Full story


Any guesses who's dressed up as Jurassic Park for ? Clue: it's Dr Hay


We've got some special guests in school today for including Cruella de Vil, Macbeth, Mary Poppins, the Queen of Hearts, a host of Shakespearean and Manga characters and even a Cheshire Cat. All getting on famously and


Our student government in action. Find out more about our first student parliament and meet our MPs at


Our Year 7 lunch time crew in action. Tilly from Year 7 is the teacher.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















At HAB, we believe that a well-structured and highly effective programme of Careers and Education Guidance will play a key role in contributing to how the Academy prepares its young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Good career guidance is the key to social mobility. It is about showing young people whatever their social and family background the options open to them and help them make the right choices to set them on the path to rewarding future careers. 

We especially want to highlight and provide exposure to careers that are less well-represented by women, including STEM related industries.

Working in partnership with external agencies, we will provide accurate and focused careers information, advice and guidance tailored to individual needs and thereby ensuring that our students will be able to make informed choices about their career pathways.

By the time students leave HAB, they will be well informed about a variety of qualifications, including those of a technical, vocational and academic nature and both University and Apprenticeship options.

You can download our Careers and Education Guidance Policy and also our policy on Access for Careers Providers Policy from our Teaching and Learning page.

Assistant Principal and Senior Careers Leader: Pav Aujla


Telephone: 0207 237 9316

Careers Governor: George Hudson

Careers booklets

Please find attached the booklets we will be using for each year group for 2020-2021.

Career of the week

Each week, your daughter will receive a video showing a Career of the Week via her Year group Teams group. This looks at careers in various industries and video links come from or Opportunities to discuss this will be made both on the Teams forum and during tutor time.

Useful Links All current apprenticeship vacancies can be found on this website. You can register and receive information on new vacancies as they arise - intermediate, advanced and higher level apprenticeships available Advice and guidance on A Level subject and course choice from Which? University. Find out the best A-Level options to take for your future career path. One stop shop for all the information you need on university courses - eg full and part-time courses, entry requirements, how to apply, important dates to remember, an dclearing with links directly to university websites, and now Degree Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships. This also has a parental section with really useful and relevant information. Informed Choices brings together guidance from admissions teams at Russell Group universities to give pupils clear information about the subjects they should consider if they are hoping to progress to a competitive university. Other post-18 options available, including employment opportunities. Government website detailing a range of support and activities available to support young people with options including GCSE, Post 16 /18, via email or telephone. Being part of the Harris Federation means that our students get lots of opportunities to work with some very big companies. Visit the site to hear talks, look at job opportunities for degree apprenticeships and find out about sixth form.

Pupil entitlement 

Opportunities for access for academic year 2019-2020.

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils and/or their parents/carers: 


Autumn term 

Spring term 

Summer term 

Year 7 

‘Rise Up’ Assemblies – on 'values of a HAB girl' and links to being a success

Assemblies from HAB staff and students on ‘their journey’


Theme Day on Careers and Ambition


Year 8

Faculty mentoring activities - Maths, MFL, Art and Media, Business

Assembly on National Careers Week along with a series of mentoring time activities


Each subject delivered a lesson on careers from their subject perspective


Faculty mentoring activities; Science, PE, Geography, History


Faculty mentoring activities - RS, English, Drama


Theme Day in the summer term to be on Careers and Ambition

Year 9

Assembly on what apprenticeships are and how to apply for them


Assembly on National careers week along with a series of mentoring time activities


Each subject delivered a lesson on careers from their subject perspective


Mentoring time activities on applying for apprenticeships


Theme Day in the summer term to be on Careers and Ambition

Year 10

Students offered opportunities to have a Business Mentor

Mentoring time activities on applying for universities

November 2018 - some Year 10 students attending employability workshop at EY

Experience of a workplace



Assembly on National Careers Week along with a series of mentoring time activities


Each subject delivered a lesson on careers from their subject perspective


Experience of a workplace

Mentoring time activities on applying for universities


Theme Day in the summer term to be on Careers and Ambition


Students offered opportunities to have a Business Mentor.


Careers advisor appointment 1

Experience of a workplace

Year 11

Mentoring time activities alongside assemblies looking at options post 16


One-to-one careers guidance meeting 2.


Students offered opportunities to have a Business Mentor

One to one careers guidance and next steps meeting 3


Assembly on National Careers Week along with a series of mentoring time activities


Year 12

Labour Market Information


Experience of a workplace initial fact finding

Students offered opportunities to have a Business Mentor


Group sessions on applying for apprenticeships

Use of unifrog during mentoring time


Theme Day in the summer term to be on Careers and Ambition


Careers advisor appointment 1

Year 13

Careers advisor appointment 2

Careers advisor appointment 3


Management of provider access requests 

A provider wishing to request access should contact Pavandeep Aujla, telephone: 0207 237 9316.

Visitor access

Visitor access will be granted in accordance with Academy procedures (see Safeguarding Policy, downloadable from our Safeguarding page).

Quality in Careers Standard

The Academy is currently working towards achieving Quality in Careers Standard - the national quality award for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in schools, colleges and work-based learning providers. In order to receive this, we are evaluating our careers provision on a termly basis and are looking for opportunities to improve the provision we provide our students.


Find below destination data for Year 11 and Year 13 for 2019-2020 (details to be added shortly).