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At the end of each term HAB girls have the opportunity to write a postcard to praise someone in our school community. They do so anonymously and 'post' them to be delivered. The idea came from one of our brilliant Year 9 girls.


Our Safety Online event for parents, due to take place on 19 April, has been postponed so that more parents can attend. Please watch out for the new date!


of our superb Mandarin Club!


"I would recommend other pupils from other schools to join their team so you could win medals but most of all have fun even if you don’t win." Read Mariam's award-winning blog post for of you Mariam!


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Congratulations Mariam on winning the blog competition


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to our Competition Winner! Mariam, year 7 from shared her first ever NJIRC experience and it is a brilliant read. Hoping to see you next year Mariam


Our girls enjoyed non-contact and elite training sessions this term, thanks to . “The programme helped me feel more confidence in myself," Niloufar, Yr 8 , , , Find out more


Our and Film Nights encourage girls to watch foreign films (and try different foods too!). “It really helped with my language skills and I loved trying the Spanish food." Iman-Olasubomi, Year 10. Find out more


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The title of this work is ‘The impact of a book’ and I think it’s rather wonderful


Special online safety information event for all HAB parents, Thurs 19 April, 5pm. Help your daughter stay safe online. Put the date in your diary and get the latest advice from experts. Refreshments provided!


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New job: Lead Practitioner for Maths .Apply now


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Thank you and for today’s STEM workshop


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Talking through ideas


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We’re problem solving with today at


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Soooo much legooooooo 😍😍


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How tall can you build your tower?


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Testing our with kits


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Excited to be at with for our workshop looking at the importance of play and problem solving though tech!


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So excited to have and in running a workshop for y8 and 9 this morning

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


Year 12

The AQA AS Sociology course, is made up of integral elements and core themes that engage students in theoretical debate. This is aimed to encourage students to participate actively in their learning of Sociology. Students will begin to develop a critical awareness of different sociological perspectives and contemporary social issues' in relation to the themes that will be assessed, with a strong focus on AO1, AO2 and A03. Exam criteria and expectations are taught from the onset of this course so that students are always developing their essay writing skills in preparation for their A-level exams.

Culture and identity


Research methods

The Concept of Culture

Class Differences and Achievement (External Factors)

Choosing a Research Method


Class Differences and Achievement (Internal Factors)

Education: the Research Context

The Self, Identity and Difference

Ethnic Differences in Achievement


The Relationship of Identity to Other Factors

Gender Differences in Education


Globalisation of Culture and Identity.

The Role of Education in Society



Education Policy and Inequality

Participant Observation


Secondary Sources

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Year 13

The AQA A2 Sociology course aims to develop the evaluative and critical skills of students. The core themes offer students continuity from a wide range of their secondary school learning and allow for students to experience an interesting and diverse, coherent course of study. We build upon the skills that are developed in the Sciences and Humanities, as well as teaching students to apply these skills to past papers, in preparation for their summer exams.

Beliefs in Society

Crime and Deviance

Theory and Methods

Theories of Religion

Functionalist Theories.

Quantitative Research methods

Religion and Social Change

Interactionism and Labelling Theory

Qualitative Research Methods


Class, Power and Crime

Sociology and Science

Religion, Renewal and Choice

Realist Theories of Crime

Objectivity and Values in Society

Religion and Global Context

Gender, Crime and Justice


Organisations, Movements and Members

Ethnicity, Crime and Justice


Ideology and Science

Crime and Media

Feminist Theories


Globalisation, Green Crime, State Crime and Human Rights

Action Theories


Control, Punishment and Victims

Globalisation, Modernity and Post Modernity


Sociology and Social Policy

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