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Year 7-9, it’s almost the end of your half-term holiday. Have you completed your Bedrock homework?


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Know her name 👇


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Although it’s very pretty, our garden at Yalding Healthy Living Centre is getting a little out of hand now! 🌿🌼🌻 Are there any keen in the area who might like to pop in and help us keep it tamed? 🌾🌺 Info:


Our staff during the hols! Ms Burgess has '150 Years Of Modern Art' by Will Gompertz. Mr Picton-Turbervill reads 'The Corrections' by Jonathan Franzen. Ms McFadden has 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini, and Ms Bailey, 'Girl, Woman, Other', Bernardine Evaristo


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Looking for something new to learn about on this sunny Bank Holiday? Check out the Lots of interesting articles on a range of topics are available!


to everyone in our community who has been celebrating!


Thanks for all you are doing too! Glad to have played a small part ❤️


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What a brilliant way to spend Day 5 of , distributing over 300 breakfast boxes to our community, thank you


Another lovely message from a HAB girl for . We're loving receiving them! Thank you so much :-)


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Pls RT. Aged 14+ join us tonight from 5pm for to discuss . We will be joined by our friends from - Please email / DM to register and we will send you details. Thank you


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Great work from Ella in Year 7! Ms Burgess was very impressed! Our Shakespearean Women unit has been really exciting and students have learned lots of key words like submissive, patriarchal and superior!


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From all of us to all of you, thank you. ❤️


Thank you to our wonderful HAB girls for all their messages, sent this week to mark


We're very of the amazing messages our girls are sending this week, to mark . This one from a Year 10 HAB girl...


A lovely message from a Year 10 HAB girl for


A week of messages, sent by our girls for . "I would like to thank Miss Swistun for always replying at lightening speed to my emails and helping me when I don't understand." Year 10 HAB girl


message from a Yr 9 student: "I would like to thank Ms Newell for helping me on my computing homework. You’ve helped me sooo much on Tynker and thanks to you I now understand more. You’ve been so much help and I appreciate the fact that you’ve take time to help me."


Our girls are sending messages this week, to say to someone in our community. "I would like to thank every single teacher at HAB! They have helped us even though we are at home by giving us a virtual school (including my violin lessons online)."


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That’s great Lily! So glad you are enjoying you book. Make sure to check out Ms Morris’s recommendations on the website when you’re finished!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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HAB6 Transition Resources

These resources will help you make the most of this time to prepare for the transition from HAB6 to university and the world of employment so that you are ready for life beyond HAB.

We know how important it is to keep engaged and motivated to learn, particularly as your thoughts now turn to preparing for further study at university in September.

While it is with a heavy heart that you will not have the opportunity to sit your exams this year, it does provide us with an invaluable opportunity to prepare you extensively for university study and life beyond HAB.

From 11th May, we will be using the examination period to engage in a six week university transition project. This will focus on academic preparation for university, general university preparation and career development work.

What do I need to do next?

Each week you will need to check in and see the different tasks that have been set. You can see all the documents you'll need at the bottom of this page. For week one, read the document HAB6 University Preparation (Part 1) and then use the supporting documents, power points or resources below to help you with the tasks that have been set.

How can I access support?

Please access support through your Microsoft Teams page where you can ask Ms Mercer any questions that you have got. There will be an opportunity for a weekly drop-in, each Thursday from 11am if you want to drop in, otherwise you can continue to use your school email accounts.

Your resources for week one (Monday 11 May)

Download HAB6 University Preparation (Part 1), which looks at different resources that will help you with general preparation for university and academic preparation for university. In addition to this, there is a guide to how to use Unifrog to write your own resumé and CV.

You'll find further support in the Unifrog documents below:

  • Know-How Library - An extensive database of hundreds of guides and videos to help you research and successfully apply for your best next step after school.
  • Subjects Library - An extensive, searchable database featuring detailed profiles of every major university subject area.
  • Careers Library - An extensive, searchable database of over 800 different job profiles featuring a wealth of information.
  • CV/Resumé - A template for creating your own unique, well presented, well structured and comprehensive CV.
  • Geeking Out - Get prepared for that dream career, research subjects needed for that pathway, and become an expert in it today!
  • Goal setting - Research and create a next steps plan for your potential career pathways.