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Posted on September 25th 2017

Crime Scene Lessons Teach Year 7 about the Library

We're holding special library induction sessions every week for the first seven weeks of term to help Year 7 girls learn about how the library works.

CrimeScene Library 070

Week two was a special 'crime scene' lesson. A body has been found in the library. Unfortunately, the police can’t identify it so the girls have to use the clues around the body to work out who the person is. In order to work out the answers, the students have to find specific books in the library using the Dewey Decimal System and looking by alphabetical order.

CrimeScene Library 054

Once they've found the book they are on their way to solving the mystery! Over the seven weeks the induction lessons also teach children about genre, making book choices and becoming an independent research.

CrimeScene Library 030

Jay said: "The lesson was incredibly useful but very fun at the same time." Mariah said it made her "feel like I was a detective. We came across loads of information that made my mind work!" Both girls agreed that they ‘now know how to find what they need in the library’

CrimeScene Library 118