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Posted on February 10th 2017

The Crucible - Our Recent Production Reviewed


A review of our recent production of The Crucible by Peter Tobin, Head of Year 9 English.

If ever the time was right for a staging of Arthur Miller’s classic tale of suspicion, persecution and deception then this is surely it.

The Crucible, although set in the 17th Century of Puritans and Separatists, has a message that is remarkably apt today. Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this production however, is that its cast is entirely made up of Year 9 and 10 students from Harris Academy Bermondsey.

With a strong guiding hand from their director, Ms Harvey, this young cast transported their audience to a New England of witches, heretics and fear. As soon as the action begins, the intensity of the characters completely captures your attention. From the stylised set design to the chilling and sinister musical accompaniment, the performance was a delight from beginning to end. A simple glance around the space revealed a sea of transfixed faces entirely entranced by the events on stage.

Crucible 3

Polished and professional

There were no hints of nervousness from these young performers as they produced a polished and thoroughly professional show.

One of the many highlights of the evening was the court room scene when Mary Warren turns on John Proctor at the behest of Abigail. With so many performers in one space, it was an incredibly convincing depiction of the panic and chaos these witch trials created.


The months of practice and dedication were clear as, even with the numbers, these scenes played out flawlessly.As the story is played out by this talented cast, the audience can’t help but be drawn into its world.

Whether you enjoy the performance as a tale about witchcraft, an allegory for modern-day America or even as a lesson learned for the lecherous John Proctor, there is something for everyone in this play and one thing is for sure, these actors are destined for even bigger things in the future.

Crucible 4