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Posted on June 15th 2017

National Biology Competition Success for HAB Girls

Biology competitionWe’re very proud that seven HAB girls won prizes in an online Biology Challenge run by the Royal Society of Biology earlier this term.

Across the nation, 40,000 students from years 9 and 10 took part – answering a series of tough biology questions on topics such as the heart and circulation, osmosis, ecology, homeostasis, evolution, immunology and macromolecules.

Amy received a Gold award (meaning she was in the top 5% of students nationally), with Hoan My winning a Silver award and Amaal, Melvina, Safa, Nihad and Kauthar receiving bronzes.

Victoria, Iman-Olasubomi, Esther, Praise, Sabria and Huda all received commendations too. An excellent performance from our girls!

"More confident"

“Finding out I had won the Gold award was a big shock,” says Amy. “I knew some of the content but a few were guesses following my gut feelings. I am so glad I took part, it was a great opportunity to challenge myself. It has definitely made me more confident to get involved in challenges and competitions in the future.”

Annie Cowley, Head of Biology (pictured back row, fourth from left) said: “I really enjoyed running the challenge for the pupils because they thoroughly enjoyed participating and it sparked a lot of interest and curiosity. I think it is a wonderful way of broadening the pupils’ experience and stimulating a deep love of learning in Biology.”

Pictured above, from left to right: Melvina, Safa, Amy, Ms Cowley, Hoan My, Nihad and Kauthar.

Pictured below: All of our girls who gained certificates. We're proud of you all. Back row, left to right: Hilary, Naomi, Praise, Ms Cowley, Iman-Olasubomi, Victoria, Safa, Amy. Front row: Hong My, Roya, Kauthar, Nihad, Huda, Melvina and Amirah.

Biology competition 2



Second picture