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Posted on March 17th 2017

Creative Writing Competition - Get Your Time Machine Ready

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Years 7 and 8 are being challenged to journey through time and produce a piece of descriptive writing based on a period of their choice – past, present or future – for a competition run by the National Literacy Trust.

The challenge is to make the writing historically accurate and as descriptive as possible. And with just 350 words to play with, each one must count.

To help students get started, we’ve been running sessions in tutor time, such as showing them how to create a ‘mood board’ of pictures from their chosen time period, showing people, buildings, vehicles and events.

There are some fantastic prizes on offer for the best entries including book vouchers and your very own eReader.

Research shows that children who enjoy writing very much are seven times more likely to write above the level expected for their age compared with children and young people who do not enjoy writing at all.

We’ll put all the HAB entries on our website in April.