Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Clubs, Events & Fixtures

Club Day Time Location Group Associated Trip
HAB Orchestra Monday 3.00-4.00pm PA2 All Years HAB Concert
Christian Fellowship Club Monday 3.15-4.00pm Firman Hall All Years Academy volunteering
GCSE PE Practice Tuesday 7.30-8.15am PA Block GCSE PE students Sailing Trip, Isle of Wight
D of E Theory Tuesday 4.15-5.15pm PA Block D of E Group Shoreham, Kent
Drama Club Tuesday 3.00-4.00pm TB2 Year 7 & 8 The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
Science Club Tuesday 3.00-4.00pm T1B Year 7 & 8 TBC
The Happiness Project Tuesday 3.00-4.00pm TB1 Year 7 & 8 Walk along the Thames
Singing Club Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm PA 1 Year 7 & 8 HAB Concert
HAB Band Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm PA 1 Year 7 & 8 HAB Concert
Netball Club Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm PA Block Year 7 & 8 Netball Competitions
HABDaCo (Dance Company) Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm Dance Studio Year 7 & 8 Jump – Sadler’s Wells
Speak; Read; Write Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm T7 Year 7 & 8 Visit local area
History Club Wednesday 3.00-4.00pm V20 Year 7 & 8 British Museum
D of E Fitness Thursday 4.15-5.15pm PA Block D of E Group Sailing Trip, Isle of Wight
HAB Choir Friday 3.00-4.00pm PA 1 All Years Commonwealth Concert
Street Dance Friday 3.00-4.00pm Dance Studio All Years Borough event and Sadler’s Wells

The HAB Library is open for reading and homework for all year groups every day at 8.00-8.25am, 10.55-11.10am, Lunchtime and 3.00-4.45pm.