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Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

Fantastic to launch our Y7 LifeLong Readers programme today 📚 We used the amazing ‘Look Up’ to help the girls practice reading with expression & questioning when reading to their younger siblings 📖


Retweetd From Ms Valentín Lucas

What a lovely end to the week at ! Our linguists have had a great afternoon. KS3 students have attended Culture Club, Year 10s have worked with their mentor from and Year 12 have explored “La Sombra del Viento” in their book club.


Vocabulary matters at Harris Academy Bermondsey


Retweetd From Dr Hellen Hay

WOW! Class of 2029, now I feel old... 🙃 Want to find out more about , our HAB girls and ? Then sign up below 👇👇👇👇👇


We are hosting a Year 5 Open Event Webinar on Wed 23rd June, 5pm. It's a chance for our incoming Class of 2029 and their families to meet key HAB staff, and gain further information about making a successful transition. Register at


The next Big Big session is this Thursday 10th June, 2pm – 6pm. Fancy joining us to build a shed or fill a raised bed, and create our new Wellbeing Garden? Click here to to sign up! Hope to see you there!


This week our passport is all about getting organised - from sorting uniform (and ordering the correct size), to getting a Zip Card and using your HAB school planner. It's all waiting for our Year 6 soon-to-be HAB girls at


Today was the last day for our fabulous Year 11. We are so very of you all, and everything you have achieved together, and wish you all success for the future! See lots more pics from the day at


Retweetd From Children's Commissioner for England

The final week is upon us! ends on Friday... Have you or your child had your say yet? Don't miss out on a chance to get your voice heard... It only takes 10 minutes and could help make a real difference to children's and young people's lives!


See pics from our first Big Dig session (in 47mph winds and drizzle) at We're sure the weather will be better for the next two Big Digs!


We're making a Wellbeing Garden with the help of our staff, students, parents and former students! Could you help too? No experience needed! Sign up for the next Big Big sessions, 10th and 19th, June at


New HAB parents and carers... we are really looking forward to seeing you for our second ‘Class of 2028 Transition Webinar’, Tues 25th May, 5pm. Please sign up for the Zoom session, if you haven’t already registered


Hello Year 6 HAB girls! This week's passport looks at (wait for it...) ! Plus meet our fabulous school librarian, and find out why Rise Up is our Year 7 Motto. All at


We’ve been very impressed with how Year 6 girls who are joining us in September have been responding to our weekly challenges. See work by girls from , and at


Year 9 students and parents... visit our Key Stage 4 Options page for useful information and films to help you choose your options for Year 10. Don't forget, the deadline for choosing options is Friday 21st May! Details at


Sign up for our ‘Big Dig’ events (21st May, 10th June, 19th June) and help us build our Wellbeing Garden. First dig is this Friday! Visit here to sign up ➡️


Our Year 6 Passport this week looks at how to line up and school lunches too. Find out what you need to know for starting Year 7. Plus why is one of our core values? Visit


Aged 15-25? Here's a one-day online hackathon you can take part it, Sat 5th June. From the wonderful .


In Year 9 at Harris Academy Bermondsey? Our Key Stage 4 Options page has useful information and films to help students and their parents/carers choose options for Year 10. Visit


HAB girl Andrea Spendolini-Siriex secured GB's first medal of the European Aquatics Championships after taking silver in the mixed 10m Synchro, diving with Noah Williams. Watch Andrea's winning dives on the BBC. Huge congratulations, Andrea!

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Latest News

Posted on February 23rd 2018

Feminist Society Hosts Supper Club on Bankside

Women chefs, restaurateurs and food writers gathered at Tonkotsu restaurant on London’s Bankside last night for the inaugural meeting of the Harris Academy Bermondsey Feminist Society (HABFemSoc) Supper Club.

Femsoc 047

Organised by our girls working with teacher Lyndsay Harris and photographer Leonora Saunders, the supper club gave students the chance to network with influential women who have developed successful careers in the food industry. Guests included:

  • Romy Gill MBE, British Indian chef and cookery teacher who runs her own restaurant, Romy’s Kitchen
  • Lisa Markwell, Food Editor of the Sunday Times and former editor of the Independent on Sunday
  • Emma Reynolds, owner of the Tonkotsu chain of restaurants.

The event also raised money for the charity SafeLives, which is dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Femsoc 061

Role models vital

“We want people to know about feminism and what’s happening in today’s world,” says Botaina, one of the sixth form organisers of HABFemSoc. “Many people don’t know the meaning of feminism, they think it’s just for women, but it’s for men and women. We just want to let people know what feminism is and what we stand for.”

Restaurant owner Emma Reynolds (below, standing), who hosted the event, feels it’s important for girls to network with successful women in a wide range of industries. “All industries tend to be male dominated and that is changing but role models are really key in inspiring girls. They give young people the confidence to look up the chain and think ‘that could be me, I could imagine myself there’.”

Femsoc 015

Ayse, Year 12, agrees: “When someone has a role model to look up to it can be the greatest motivation ever,” she said.

Ending domestic violence

This year HABFemSoc has chosen to raise money for the national charity SafeLives, which is dedicated to ending domestic violence. “It was absolutely brilliant when we heard the girls wanted to support our work,” said Penny East (below), Communications and Marketing Director. “We think it’s amazing that young people are so passionate about this issue and it really matters that we talk to this age group about healthy relationships and domestic abuse.”

Femsoc 074

Over £600 was raised at the Supper Club, bringing the total raised for the charity by HABFemSoc to over £1,000.”

HABFemSoc meets weekly on Thursdays and also takes part in events outside school, including an event at City Hall last year where they met mayor Sadiq Khan. The club is a platform for the girls to explore feminism and what it means for them, and also gives them a chance to meet women from different professions.

Femsoc 054Femsoc 030

What our guests said…

Romy Gill MBE (below right), the first female Indian chef-restauranteur in the UK: “I think it’s really important these kind of events are happening. Having a good career isn’t just about being a doctor or engineer, you can be anything. Don’t give up. People will tell you there are many obstacles but never give up.”

Femsoc 081

Lisa Markwell (below centre), Food Editor, Sunday Times, and former editor of the Independent on Sunday: “It’s brilliant to be in this environment with young women. Food is an exciting sector where women already lead. If you’re interested in this world you can have a lot of power.”

Femsoc 085

Kathryn Nawrockyi (below right), gender equality campaigner: “This is a great opportunity to meet fantastic, inspirational women and find out more about their experiences. How often do you get a chance to see exactly how a restaurant works and talk to the inspirational women behind the business?”

Femsoc 073

During the event HABFemSoc performed spoken word pieces and songs to guests, including this piece written and performed by Ayse and Botaina.

Generation after generation

We will spread our message

Generation after generation

We will continue to empower

Generation after generation


Our voices will be heard, not ignored

Our efforts will be seen, not turned away from.

Women will not be dismissed nor disregarded

We will not be submissive nor passive, our voice and strength will path the way to achievement.

Generation after generation

We will be heard


Women are hardworking, high achievers, and ambitious

We should not be judged based on our gender,

We shouldn’t have to conform to patriarchal values because we are perceived to be compassionate and caring.

Our gender shouldn’t determine our future nor our work ethic, appearance, and function in society.

Generation after generation

We will be heard


No more,

We will educate the women of tomorrow

Of their real worth

We will educate the women of tomorrow

To go for those high positions

We will educate the women of tomorrow, to be successful no matter their gender

Generation after generation

We will be heard


We will take action

We will stand together

We will achieve equality

We will unite as one

Men and women will be equal


One day

One day very soon

We will achieve equality

All women of different colours and pigments

We will be equal

All women around the world

Will be equal

Generation after generation

We will be heard.


To this generation to the next

We will flourish


Generation after generation

We will be heard

And we will be equal

Femsoc 054